Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Squatting Mayhem

Art and Mayhem has been airjacked by roving cultural pirate Lucazoid. Mayhem has been kidnapped and tied to a tree in Tasmania.

If you missed the show - here's what Lucas mentioned.

Mayhem will return as soon as she finds a ladder long enough to scrampble down.

We had jim singline on the radio, talking about 2 ventures he's been involved in:

mays lane
MAY LANE, ST. PETERS | SYDNEY | (02) 9550 4232
open 24 hours
“mini graff” is the current artist
(she makes milk crate stencil work with small icons
showing the many uses that milk crates can be put to).
a very fine stencil artist.

and Jim is one of four artists (together with Mickie Quick, Hana Shimada, and Melody Willis)who are hosting
the newest and most innovative venture in town: entitled "Sydney"
2 doors down from fatimas
302 cleveland st surry hills
1-6 saturdays
sydney is the home of jimmy sings mix tapes and reggae
dancehall imports:
each week, a new mix tape is launched on saturday
arvo, with cool drinks...


interesting times at the mca:
until 27 nov
special event:
Friday 11 November, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm:
Ania Walwicz, Amanda Stewart, Ruark Lewis and Rainer
Linz mark the historic events of ‘The Dismissal‘ 30
years ago, in an experimental sound-based performance.

Admission: $12/$10 concessions/$8 MCA Members &
Bookings essential: 02 9245 2484 or email

deborah kelly http://www.bewareofthegod.com/
for a pic of her amazing projection:
Accompanying Interesting Times are two off-site
projects. Sydney artist and activist Deborah Kelly’s
project Beware of the God appears outside of the
museum in a variety of forms, including Avant Card
postcards (distributed throughout Sydney), a fence
plaque (available in the MCA Store), a projection
event (dates to be advised), animations in 9 CBD
underground train stations, and a website,
The animation and website are also accessible in the
George Street Foyer on Level 2 of the MCA.

george gittoes,
Wednesday 9 November, 6.30 pm
screening and question and answer session from the
films soundtrack to war and rampage (miami)
Rated M15 + coarse language
Dendy Opera Quays Cinema
Admission: $25/$20 MCA Members and Ambassadors/Dendy
Club Members
Bookings: 02 9247 3800 ($2.20 booking fee applies on
telephone sales)

there's plenty of other good work in this show, my
fave's included: (but i didnt have time to talk about)

Ricky Maynard -photos of sites in tasmania, especially
massacre sites, with small stories accompanying them –
eg about tassie aboriginal men digging up the bones
from a women's burial site and transferring them to a
secret place so that the museum couldnt steal them.
understated and disquieting

Robert Boynes –
silkscreened paintings, put together from grungy
degraded photographs. people in the streets, at
underground train stations.


other issues discussed included:

the sedition law: there is still time to make a
submission as there will be a senate enquiry into
these proposed amendments in the coming weeks.
for all the info visit nava website: visualarts.net.au
or civilrightsnetwork.org

sedition comedy night:
organised by new matilda,
Sunday 13 November, 5pm, at the Sydney Theatre at
Millers Point, hosted by Wendy Harmer with Andrew
Denton and starring Max Gillies, Gerry Connolly, Wil
Anderson, Eddie Perfect, Wharf Revue (Jonathan
Biggins, Phil Scott, Drew Forsythe, Genevieve Lemon),
and the boys from the Chaser.

Speakers are: Tom Keneally, Chas Savage, Spencer Zifcak (New Matilda), Jose Borghino (New Matilda), Dave Madden and Jeremy Heimans (Get Up).


i ran out of time to mention terminus projects 6-8pm this wed night at first draft, chalmers st sydney, this week brian fuata presents "in the daytime I am, in the nighttime I am, - three spectacles about menial work" a "happening"!

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