Sunday, November 20, 2005


It’s easy to hide behind the security of our televisions, observing the spectacle of conflict and war. How easy is it to hide from the eternal struggle within? George Tillianakis, Sari Kivinen and Naomi Oliver are Project Degenerate and are stepping outside a culture of fear and hiding, taking an inevitable step forward, towards a collaborative resolve to their inner conflicts. Project Degenerate: To be blacklisted is a four-act process of figurative cleansing, performed as an experimental hybrid of cabaret and performance art.

Since being awarded the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and University of Western Sydney Emerging Arts Scholarship in 2004, George Tillianakis has taken performance art onto a new platform, and with each new work breaks new ground by challenging himself and his audience. Now he is returning to Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre but this time Tillianakis is not alone, he will challenge the audience with his collective.

“The inner-war must be faced before ultimate implosion.” GEORGE TILLIANAKIS, 2005

Project Degenerate: To be blacklisted allows three degenerate punks to move forward and cleanse themselves of the overwhelming fears and anxieties commonly experienced by Western Sydney youth, faced by a world of drugs, crime, stereotypes and prejudice.

Project Degenerate will be performed at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre over four nights, commencing Wednesday 23 November, in a series of cabaret style performances that will rip apart our perceptions of alcoholism, war, television and casual sex.

Be prepared from Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 November at 7pm, where the stage will transform as a metaphorical journal. The collective, Project Degenerate, will recite spoken word and music while the audience leers with naughty eyes at the forbidden scripture, waiting in suspense for the unexpected to happen.

The 100-minute performance has four acts and a 20-minute interval. The degenerate Westy punk revolution is here.

WHO: Adults 16+
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
WHEN: Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 November
TIME: 7pm with a 20-minute interval
COST: $5
BOOKINGS: Call 02 9824 1121 or Email

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