Monday, November 07, 2005

Fun in Brisbong

If anyone is heading up north - this looks like fun

:::::Artist-Run Space and Curiosity Chamber::::::
:358 George Street Brisbane QLD 4000

Greetings White House Lovers and Haters!

The White House is reeling and shaking after the bizaare architechtural
and psychological trauma that was Mutantric Love Hotel, only to come
back and hit you in the face with more cerebellum-stretching activity.
November is all about domination, with two exhibition openings and the
opening of a very special addition to the White House....

Hoarders of The Absolute runs from the 11th to the 13th of November,

Hoarders of the Absolute is a collaborative exhibition that will
evolve, mutate, decompose and combust over a 72 hour period. 7 artists have
come together to create a living, breathing organism that will be fed
with light, sound and large inanimate objects. The exhibition will
feature ongoing live and live-in performances, comprised of large kinetic
instruments, 16mm film and video projections, and marathon knitting
events, streamed live via the web for the three running days
( Come and witness the unnatural shifts and
macroscopic spasms that will stretch time and space and set it alight like a
heap of slow motion carcrashes. Featuring : Joel Stern, Cerae Mitchell,
David Spooner, Patrick King, Sally Golding, Madeleine King and Jacqui
Vial. Curated by Madeleine King.
Opening Night: November 11 6-9pm
Continues November 11, 12 and 13, 11am-6pm

Toytakeova runs from November 18 - December 2

'Toytakeova' looks at our relationship with consumption and the
inexplicable anxieties associated with a culture focused on unattainable
desire. The White House will become a temporary Toy Shop for the weird,
wonderful, curious and repulsive objects spawned from the bent, twisted
hands and underslept eyeballs of a selection of Australia's most
outlandish toy and object creators. Malformed and psychotic farm animals,
murderous kewpie dolls, genetically regressive plush creatures and
haywired robotic minions are preparing for the invasion. Mr Toys Toyworld this
surely ain't.
Featuring: Anita Fontaine, Kirsty Boyle, Alicia King, Michael Swift,
Van Sowerine, Alice Lang, Troy John Emery, Karina Averlon Thomas and
Simon Scheuerle. Curated By Laura Krikke.
Opening Night Friday 18th November, 6-9pm
Continues till December 2, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm

And thats not all. We won't give the whole game away, but there is more
- we're soon to be opening a little curiosity chamber within the big
curiosity chamber - a little shop of horrors called 'The Cell', where
artist's work, music, comics and rarities will be on sale or handed away
for free. We'll keep you up to date as to the opening day, but its
definetely going to be worth a peek for some of the most obscure, unsellable
but undeniably loveable stuff on the planet....

AND REMEMBER - our website is constantly being updated, you may even
find a photo or video of yourself loving and hating the White House.

Till next time, with love -

Mad.E.Zilla, Mad.Alpha, Jesse and Abraham.

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