Monday, April 14, 2008

Appropriation: my favourite things

I've have been hideously remiss in blogging, and pretty much disappeared for the previous month. I even vanished from the blogosphere, and cut down my facebook time, and barely checked my email.

something about leaving a 24/7 wireless connection, and taking up a heap of teaching, while trying to wrestle with the dilemmas of the constativity of discursive practices versus materialist ontology...... yemmite I kid u not.

anyway - Just thought I'd start this posting with a few of my favourite things - whihc miraculously appeared on other blogs as well as in the real world:

the artlife just did an interview with Cash Brown - who has a show at robin gibson this month..... I LOVE HER WORK SO MUCH I COULD WET MYSELF.

It may have been a cheap ploy to outdo the *hot* posting from The Artswipe last month which set my heart aflutter by posting up Renny Codgers sauna pics.

Like the love pump, mayhem is quite proudly a fan of the pole and the hole, so I've been quite delighted with the arty erotics of irony on the offing of late...... especially in the live field of performance land.

I had the pleasure of heading on out to Blacktown finally to see the Bent Western exhibition and caberet. If Nanna Madge was there she would have been no doubt made a bit hot under the collar by DMC's Jodie foster impersonation, and would have flung her step ins at the stage on numerous occasions. Renny Codgers live appearance was mesmerising, and my fantasy of seeing Liam Benson as Jesus was finally realised.... and the Brown Council were tops, and the Liinas version of that lassic starella postapocalyptic punk showpiece " sickly sweet" was the perfectly underscored wrong shade of saccharine that it should have been, and there was a hell of a lot of quality quality bloody funny affecting work. It felt great to be part of a mad queercore underground, even tho I was distracted from Yourgios's poetry by some guy sitting near me who was ostentatiously picking his nose and eating his snot in such a baroque manner that I kept thinking he was part of the performance.....

anywya - I digress. My dear friend the freelance provocateuse aka the marrickville milkmaid continues to squirt bits of breast fluid in a shopfront on New Canterbury Road (bit of a change from the sex workers who were there 15 years ago, I know). The culmination of her 10 day endurance pumping action is happening this Saturday 19th april from 6-ish at Don't Look Gallery, 419 New Canterbury Road, dulwich Hill. Nanna Madge will be there, as will a host of other collaborators, and there may even be STOUT to drink (it being the traditional health bevvy for irish nursing mothers).

hmmm - so sorry it's been a pretty slim promo/roundup. I PROMISE to come up with some intelligible guff from my excursion to AGNES on thursday (if only to the students I'm teaching) - hmmm...... cash brown....... bill viola..... :)