Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking Leave

This could be taking some time off or taking leave of my senses - and probably is about both.

Mayhem is officially heading for the hills and a temporary retirement from being an artscribe - while I head into the last long trudge of the tome.

Hopefully the thing will be mostly over by the end of the summer... so the hiatus won't be a permanent one...

I've been abstaining from the heady whirl of art gallery opening nights - largely due to complaints from my liver - and am now finding it increasingly hard to get myself out of the greying box on my neck and into big white boxes of fun and optimism and adventure that are art spaces and happenings.

I still hope to make it to the odd show and opening -but it's starting to feel like a duty - and a drain on my overtaxed synapses. Schappylle Scragg will continue to make the occasional and tasteless appearance and is branching into aussie themed erotica - keep yer hands down yer undies for that one!

I'm trying to wean myself off being a noticeboard for new art shows - and think facebook and myspace are doing a pretty good job anyway - and thorougly reccommend artswipe and the artlife for continuous critical engagement.

As soon as I receive a coherent list of works from the greens auction last week - I will - as promised - write a review of all of the pieces donated - many of which weren't able to be auctioned off due to time constraints - and the overwhelming genersoity of artists.

Plus I probably will write regular tormented rants about my life on bodies art and stuff

so for now - as schappylle would say - "i'll be off like sheep guts in the sun"

xx mayhem

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