Monday, October 01, 2007

Looking for Demoocracy?

Mayhem's buggered off to Melbourne, so Schappylle has taken over for this week

Hope youse are all coming along to me show this thursday, eh?

It's gonna be bloody unrool, eh? Maaayyte you should see some of the art eh? ya know, just ordinary aussies, doing their bit to show what a beautiful country this is, and all those Aussie values and why it's so unrool here eh?

and there's some rool good artists tooo, eh? Like that guy from Mental as Anything, and Susan Norrie, and Deborah Kelly and Fiona McDonald, and Catherine rogers, and Dean Sewell, and Ian Milliss, and Craig Waddell, and Tim Johnson, and all these other people whose names I can't spell...

and there's even videos too, eh?

So thursday night - youse should come down. they''ll even have beer cause Darrylle said he wouldn't come unless they had a man's drink, so there'll be beer and wine - but no bundy but eh?

It's just across from Darling Harbour, ya know Sega world?

Mori Gallery
168 Day Street, sydney
thursday 4th October
6-9pm: auction starts at 7.30pm

see yas there


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Skanky Jane said...

Hope the show went well Scragg on ya for being such a star for such a good cause! I'm just passing and wanted to congratulate Mayhem on winning the Box Art Quiz #2 and let youse all know that Box Art Quiz #3 is now online!

SJ xx