Sunday, September 09, 2007

towing the Party Line

Scragg ain't the only one taking a stand!

Mayhem is on the campaign trail: looking for democracy:

Part One comes courtesy of Get Up

The Prime Minister can now call the election any day, and many think as
soon he's finished at APEC he'll do just that. And when he does, the
gates of democracy will swing firmly shut.
That's because the Government has passed new laws closing the electoral
roll at 8pm on the very day the election is officially called. So click
here -- or forward this email -- to make sure that you and everyone you
know are properly enrolled:
Odds are, you're enrolled to vote -- but chances are you know someone
who isn't. What may surprise you is just how many people you know aren't
on the rolls. For instance, the Government recently admitted more than a
third of all Australians aged 18 to 25 are not enrolled. That's a
whopping 410,000 voters - four whole electorates' worth -- and we're
only talking about young people.

To make matters worse, you're not informed if you've been taken off the
electoral roll for some reason -- such as if a piece of mail addressed
to you from the AEC gets returned to sender -- so many people do not
find out until they turn up on election day, only to be denied their
vote. You may not be enrolled right now, and not even know it. You can
check your enrolment status here.
With all that's at stake in this election, let's all have our say.
Forward this email to everyone you know, because once the election is
called it will be too late.

Part Two comes courtesy of any willing artists to make, paint, shoot, scribble, graff, collect, perform, install... ANYTHING along the theme of Looking for Democracy.

Drop my a line at if you are... deadline is end of the month.

Part Three is where I out myself and my political affiliations - trying to ensure that the Greens stay in the senate - coz this country still needs a parliamentary opposition - even if we get Howard out of office!

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lurkette said...

YOU are a legend!!!! Thanks to you I just found out that a family member is not enrolled so thank yee muchly for that tip. A couple of key strokes and we're all back on track! Lets make HoWARd history--woohoo!!!