Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Art, Activism, Newness

Mayhem has been seriously ensconsed in thesis land. My mind is currently somewhere between Bristol, Euston Road, TriBeCa and Darlinghurst in the mid 1970's, Rozelle in the 1990's and the lining of my nostrils.....

No don't ask any more - I sent off the 7th and 4th drafts of two chapters today.....

so - ahem I *ain't* seen any art - apart from "pimp my secs" on carolyn teo's myspace site..... (hee hee)

Even scragg had to opt out of her Sandon Point Auction Extravaganza on sat - so didn't get to see ANYFINK AT ALL

At such times of cultural lapse - it's lucky that the print media steps in - in a shock turnaround the SMH Spectrum DEVOTED AN ENTIRE FOUR PAGES TO VISUAL ART. Two pages were a biog feature on a melbourne artist... and two consisted of Frosty's state of the art commentary on great young stuff.... And it was a great piece and made me wish they'd put him on the payroll....

If anyone was inspired by frosty's plug for yours truly then welcome. Please ignore the byline about the 2SER version. Lucazoid and I WERE doing a verbal version of the blog - but our lives both got eaten by PhD's, and I went overseas for 6 months and he's about to do the same. but you should listen to monday overdrive anyway. It sounds NICE.

Usually I rant more better and more misspelt about more art. and usually I see art and rave about it EVERY WEEK. but my life is being eaten up by my PhD on postwar life drawing classes. But only for another 6 months - and I've been blogging on this site for over two years - so feel free to drop back any time.

also THE DRAWING WIFE has just updated her pics of sketches and stitches - so click on 'wifey bits' on the right hand side....

ahem. to the News:

Trajectories of dissent opens tomorrow (wednesday) night at 6pm - at Mori Gallery.
There's more info about it in last weeks post - but it will provide an ideal opportunity t experience the great wall of APEC first hand - and see some serious anti kappo agitprop in the CBD. Head down to 168 Day Street - across from Darling Harbour

Marrickville COntemporary Art Prize opens thursday night at 6pm at 'At the Vanishin Point' - which is at the arse end of King Street Newtown - right down near St. Peters station almost. since Marrickville is the Local Government Area with the highest proportion of artists of any locale in Australia this *should* be good.

and Friday - Life will imitate ART - as ratbags prepare to do lots of out there stuff like exercising democratic right to protest - or walk around in the CBD with balloons, funny hats or - even placquards.

Mayhem's bet is on the 11am peace party in Hyde Park - but what looks even more fun is the "ghost Dance" which is planned for 5-11pm also in Hyde park.

apparently peeps are going to dress up in whacky caspar clobber and whoosh around holding seances..... or something like that.

Art being the exercise of extreme sports genre slides - of activities arbirarily endowed with the cultural mystique of critical contestation or just plain old sublime beauty and wonder - should ideally provide a great umbrella for testing the waters of envelope pushing during the sppectacular security crackdown that is the APEC circus.

oh, and did I mention the fart lighting competition being held at Tamarama? someone thought it might be a good riposte to the sealing off of Festival of the winds....


Artswipe said...

Don't cry for me Tina Turner
(ps. I just like nonsensical comments)

Skanky Jane said...

A friend took me to an organic cafe yesterday for brekky and after the bowl of mega muesli I should be heading for Tamarama coz I'd win pants down.

Doc Mayhem had a nice ring. errr - to it.

SJ xx