Monday, June 04, 2007

Back in Orange

I've been back for a week and I love it.

I've been posting long jetlag ridden rants about paint and stuff on my other blog which i used to call my suicide blog last year coz I was so depressed.

I'm not depressed - so readers, relax and enjoy the screeds.

Havne't got the motivation to declare the word about sinney art seen

Jo frosts bright balmain made me smile, Anton Pulvirenti's inredible colleciton of suitcase pictorial fragments made me smile a lot- - and also ponder.......

yep. they are really good.

anne kay's intimate installation at loose also made me smile. It was a very small viewing booth - ie a telly wiht a hood - for a video of crinkled plastic unfurling - whihc reminded me of long myopic hours spent on my bed alone, glasses off, crinkling up splastic and watching it unfurl. (this was before I bought the wonderwand adaptor)

I'm pissed at missing Melissa Laing's airline hostess performance at china hieghts on friday night.

Melissa's work is all about the exploration of international travel and contemporary artists - so it's a bit fucked that my jetlag prevented me from getting out and seeing her work.



clare said...

this is Clare Thackway, met you at my show at Mori the other night, like the image.. hehe
intersting blog- will keep an eye in it.
would you like to meet for a drink?

mayhem said...

Hey Clare

love the pics in the background behind scragg too!

drinx would be grand.

If you drop a comment with yer email address then I can leave it private but actually email you.

all the best


clare said...

ha! i wondered whether i had left that out!
hear from you soon