Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back Under Wearing

Dear All -

heading in to town åpresently so heres some innerestin news to get me in the syndey mood

in brief: artspace has a publiciyt opening this thursday 24th may and LOOSE has its closing opening NEXT WEDNESDAY 30th may. Details follow

Stay tuned for extesnive review of fun finnish art


Gallery Projects

25 May - 23 June 2007
Opening Thursday 24 May 6pm

Curator: Reuben Keehan

In its original usage during the emergence of the bourgeois public sphere, the term 'publicity' described a general public-ness, a state of being public - publicly known, publicly owned or publicly available. Only later, with the development of reproductive technologies and systems of mass dissemination, did it come to refer to the mechanisms of marketing and promotion, and to denote strategies for the use of such media for the formation and communication of identity. With this etymology in mind, Artspace presents the work of five artists whose practices traverse performance, installation, video, archiving and action research to explore the role that art, considered as creative and aesthetic experience, can play in the construction of a 'public'. It seeks to raise questions of agency and autonomy in a culture of media saturation, and to posit the studio and the gallery not as hermetic spaces but as discursive fields, sites of social transaction, public spaces that are, as with the public itself, constantly under negotiation.

Loose ends

a closing exhibition of Loose folk & friends

Mark Titmarsh
Justin Trendall
Anne Kay
Ian Haig
Josie Cavallaro
David Haines
Vicky Browne
Alex Gawronski
Shane Haseman
Stephen Birch
Philipa Veitch
Jane Polkinghorne
Paul Borderi
Trevor Fry
Carla Cescon
Kevin Sheehan
Lisa Andrew
Sarah Goffman
Lisa Kelly
John Borley
Bronia Iwanczak
Luke Strevens
Lisa Jones
Vanila Netto
Liz Day

join us for a drink & last hurrah!

wednesday 30th may 6-8pm

continues to 16th june

Loose projects

level 2
168 Day St
Darling Harbour, Sydney

gallery hours.
thursday and friday 12-5pm
saturday 1-6pm

0417 024 957

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