Monday, March 05, 2007

Pink Bits and Milky

Generally I try to keep my blog realms separate - but the latest show has gotta be one for my friend zoo - lactating femme faggot and one of the stars of the latest SLIT

Owen Leong has just completed a respendently milky website which replaces his former blog - which is an increasingly popular interrim measure for artists wishing to get info and images up on a web address somewhere.....

Anyway to coincide with his new online presence, Leong has a show at the big white box down at darling harbour. There promises to be fresh new works to check out in an embdied as well as virtual form

Opening THIS WEDNESDAY March 7th and running to March 28th
at Mori Gallery, 168 Day Street, Darling Harbour

Readers may get a bit sick of me plugging mori gallery all the time - But there's actually not that many contemporary commercial art galleries in Sydney -(Kaliman, Ros Ox, sherman are some others) THAT DON'T HAVE ANY NORMAN LINDSAY'S SECRETLY STASHED IN THE BACK ROOM - or some other golden age of boringness vintage stock room tideover material - so I wanna support what's good. Besides Mori is right next to Loose - which is the most amazing artists run initiative since Squatspace - and both are well serviced by public transport.

But back to Leong - whose evocative egg white, honey dripping prints and video's got me really happy and gooey at artspace and 4A in 2004. His images PERSONIFIED the best bits of Alphonso Lingis, and so much more.... fluid economies, exchange, flow, surface ambiguities etc. the work was slick, meticulous and yet incredibly ENGAGING - really meditative and seductive and disturbing all at once....

fluid becomings finally made sense.....

His latest show - promises to "explore race, gender and masculinities." This is the standard stuff that he does so well, Oh the exquisite paradox of "uber-weisse" from an asian man!, ohh, the exquisite ambiguities of food, becoming semen like, milk like, plastic like... and of so gently, exquisitely oozing around the deepest feminine ambiguities of milk.

Owen promises the viewers a video performance based on being held
"in a prison of white light and his body is penetrated by milk that flows with a will of its own. In 'Milk Ring' the artist is trapped under a ring of dripping milk and struggles to solve a honey puzzle that binds his hands."

If the exquisite affect of fluid ambiguities (SEE WHY i'm a PAINTER???) get a bit too much punters can always trap upstairs to Loose where they've gt an opening the same night of Ryszard Dabek's piece called "Between".

This is a twin channel vdeo installation that is all about space, objects and remants. Bodies will be evoked but not displayed. but they will be evoked... hell the images are all about bodily imprints on spces and objects and the " specially designed system of projection" promises "to both transform the video image and re-position the viewer's relationship
to it." So this is going to be creepy ghostlike interstitial embodiment. (I think this means that we're meant to feel the phantasmic but intimate gaps of things we leave behind, like the gaps between our teeth.... whihc is what interstitial means)

On a slightly less intense note - SHEFFER has a fun figurative show opening on saturday Arvo at 38 Lander Street, chippendale. (or whatever that suburb that got eaten by Sydney uni is....)

NAUGHTY is group show featuring works by Tanya Chaly Lucinda Chambers Kate Dorrough and Tracy Keogh. the invite has a Jeff Koons goes primitive ceramic piece (the artist ain't listed on the invite so you'll have to guess that fer yerselves....) and Tanya Chaly's pieces are painterly reproductions of film stills, that are small and erotic and a bit creepy but quite exquisite (I know this coz she had an ARTSPACE residency last year.....)

so I RECKON it's worth a gander.. and besides Scheffer is another commercial gallery space that is pretty cool.

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