Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paddington is not quite dead

There's lots of stuff happening in Sydney this week, starting with an opening tonight at KUDOS.KUDOS is the COFA student gallery and is the last stronghold of funky youf out there kulcha on the eastern suburbs.

Tim Anastasi and Angelo Polizogopoulos

The Greek Festival of Sydney presents an exhibition exploring the many interconnected ways in which past present and future correspond to create a modern experience for Greek Australians. The gallery space will have a dialogue between sculpture (which represents future), photography (which represents past) and the viewer (the participating audience) who create the link between past and future.

KUDOS: 6 Napier St. Paddington NSW 2021 (St. Sophia Hall)
exhibition continues to 31 March 2007
open Wednesday to Friday 11am - 6pm, Saturday 11am - 4pm

On WEDNESDAY there are 3 openings happening simultaneously (bloody hell) so take your pick.

I posted a promo last week about the Shapley Mckendry installation at Addison Road gallery, which opens THIS WEDNESDAY MARCH 28th.

You can get double the bang for your buck in marrickville that night because around the corner at FACTORY 49, they've got a viewing of - Wall Sculptures by MARLENE SARROFF plus a viewing of the Outside Wall Work painting by KATE MACKAY

at Factory 49 Showroom 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney.
(Shepherd St runs off Addison Rd)

The same night in town, LOOSE have an opening as part of their A regular feature of "impromptu and responsive events, projects and activities (talks, sound nights, publications,workshops, exhibitions, production space) coordinated by the rotating
roster of Loose players."

this month...they're featuring a rather enigmatic happening by Shane Haseman entitled:

New Mysticism or The Steam Boiler Effect or You're Not Getting Out of
Here Alive, NO WAY NO HOW

Which Iäm not sure is the best promotional text for an exhibition, but maybe it will bring in all the suicidal claustrophobic extreme art buffs.....

opening wednesday 28th march 6-8pm and continues to saturday 31st march

Loose projects, level 2, 168 Day St Darling Harbour, Sydney

gallery hours: thursday and friday 12-5pm, saturday 1-6pm

On FRIDAY you can check out a great initiatve: featuring the sterling collaboration between Adam Hill and MArgaret Roberts

THE SURVIVAL EXPRESSO BAR Opens at 6.0pm this Friday 30th March at 137 Redfern Street (cnr Renwick) in Redfern.

hel it's a great title, linking the life giving elixir of expresso with the cultural survival of originary strine peoples AKA kooris.

There's an art gallery upstairs and downstairs will have performances by Emma Donoan and Rhonda Grovener wit lashing of the elixir of life and nibblies. Contact bonny.briggs@gmail.com for more info

On Sunday - airport doyen Melissa Laing is involved in performance art at, yep, the performance space.Coz its theatre and not art - they charge admission - I guess coz they doät expect people to do it all for free and love and free love...But they got dodgy goon so I reckon its worth a shot

Melissa says she has created a 3 minute work with two friends for their
Night Time series. (http://www.performancespace.com.au/event_8.php) A
combination of Kung Fu and insecure sound.

Sunday 1st of April, 7 pm, Performance Space @ Carriage Works, 245
Wilson Street Eveleigh

Happy April fools

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