Monday, December 11, 2006

Lucazoid's picks this week:

super8 screening at the chauvel cinema:
DLUX media arts screening of super8 shorts including original works by Rowan Woods, Nick Myers, Virginia Hilyard, Catherine Lowing

Chauvel Cinema, Tues 12 Dec, 7-9pm, Cnr Oxford st and Oatley Road Paddington



pet photo booth at the Australian Centre for photography:


Pet Photo Booth is a colourful travelling pop culture extravaganza by West Australian artists Justin Spiers and Yvonne Doherty.

Following a year spent capturing owners posing with their pets at animal competitions and Royal shows in WA, the artists are setting-up their backdrops, lights and cameras in ACP's new Gallery 3. Justin and Yvonne will be hosting the booth from Friday 8 to Saturday 23 December during Pet Project.


To make your booking call 02 9332 1455 or complete the form below:

Take home a photo memento and become a part of this interactive exhibition!


don't look gallery has an exhibition all about text messaging.

At Don't Look Gallery we have an exciting month coming up! All

exhibitions and events are FREE and everyone is welcome.

This month we have:

1) Last exhibition of the year;

'tXt:> tranSmission' by Matt and Greer Rochford

Opening Thursday December 7, 6pm

(Please see below for more details)

2) Christmas Party:

Sunday December 17, 6pm

DJ, Drinks, all welcome!

3) The LOOK! Don't Look Short Film Festival.

Beginning Wednesday December 20.


We'll be closed over Christmas on the inside, but very much open to

the outside world. Come December 20 our display window will become

home to our short film festival.

If you've got a video that's a bit experimental and under 10 mins,

please submit it and we may play it. Please drop submissions off to

419 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill during opening hours.

tXt:> tranSmission

WHEN: Opening Thursday December 7, 6pm
Thurs Dec 7 - Sat Dec 16 (Thur-Sat 11-5)

WHERE: DON'T LOOK Experimental New Media Gallery
419 New Canterbury Rd (Near Marrickville Rd ), Dulwich Hill

WHO: Matthew Rochford and Greer Rochford
CONTACT: Greg Shapley - Ph: 0401 152 434, Email:

tXt:> tranSmission

To what extent have technologies become part of us? Or, inversely, have we become part of our technologies? Where do we end and they

begin? How would most of us feel without the simple technology of clothing for instance -- exposed, cold, incomplete perhaps?

How many of us now feel exposed, cold and incomplete without more sophisticated technologies such as the internet and mobile phones?

Brother/sister team Matt and Greer Rochford are Cyborgs. Technology consumes their existence. It mediates and mitigates the flow of thought and feeling between them, and between them and the rest of the world. Theirs is a world of the cyber-polis.

For a year, separated by vast distances, their main communication was the prudent text message. Every truncated word has been logged, providing ample raw material for this exploration of long distance communication in the age of instant, electronic, satisfaction.

In the nineteenth century, time became measurable; in the twentieth, time became money. Now time is data -- gigahertz and bits-per-second. We measure the worth of technology by how fast it can transfer data around the world; by how precisely space is annihilated by time. It is this speed of digital communication that warps and recreates our perceptions of intimacy and immediacy.

Matt and Greer Rochford use a variety of media; photography, computer manipulated text, and transmission static and interference to convey this communication -- this bridging (or perhaps erasure) of distance.

In this exhibition they explore the volatility of communication and interpretation through the use of degraded signals, mixed messages, illusion and allusion.

Greer Rochford is a photographic artist who experiments with a variety of mediums, pushing the boundaries of traditional photography. She deals with ideas such as surveillance, technoscience and alienation.

Her kid brother, Matt, explodes myths and storms social barricades. He is continually searching for the point where he ends and the rest of the world begins.



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