Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weedy Bits, make a difference make a mole

If you just wanna look at fun organic drippy stuff then head to Mary PLace on tuesday for free piss, paint fumes and glorious space inducing drips by craig waddell.

It's all about loving the land, adoring nature, ain't it?

Nobody just set up a great plant based relational culture project at:

and there's a call out for a great fun save the forest project by sewing pink fluffy moles!

(this is right up mayhem alley)

ARTISTS: Make a difference, Make a mole

As part of the fight to save Yellabinna Environment association on Kokatha Mula land, we are calling out to artists to recreate the Kokatha mole as a plush stuffed creature to be exhibited and auctioned as a fundraiser for the ‘mole hunt’ and fight to save the land.

Kokatha country covers large stretches of harsh arid land in the far west of South Australia, stretching from Ceduna to the edge of the Nullabor, It is home to Kokatha Mula people. Yellabinna is culturally significant to the Kokatha Mula Seven Sisters dreaming is connected throughout the Yellabinna sand dune system by rockholes. Yellabinna is home to 4 million hectares of pristine mallee woodlands, and to critically endangered blind marsupial mole amongst other threatened species.

This precious country is now under threat from extensive mineral exploration and undergoing feasibility studies to begin large open cut sand mining project.

As a tool to protect this special county, there is currently a search on for the endangered blind marsupial mole known as the ‘Notoryctes Caurinus’. There have been few sightings of the mole in recent years, however the documentation of this endangered species could be a crucial element in saving the largest mallee woodland in the world.

So we are calling upon artists to recreate this beautiful little creature. We are planning to tour the exhibition to Mori Gallery,
Sydney CBD, TINA in Newcastle, Alice Springs, and hopefully many other destinations in Australia. EXHIBITIONS WILL BEGIN IN LATE SEPTEMBER, SO WE NEED ARTISTS TO CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you are interested in participating, we will send you out an artist kit with more detailed information, images, and an official patch for your mole. Also if you know of a gallery which may be interested in housing this unique exhibition, please let us know.

Please contact Renata on 0422854184 or
For more information on Googatha land see

Mole specs
: 15-20cm long
: 7-12cm high
: Pink fluffy exterior
: 2 fleshy coloured flippers 5-10cm long
: Stunted fleshy coloured tail 2-3cm long
: Hidden facial features
A google image search of "Notoryctes Caurinus" will give image results


Skanky Jane said...

Ooooh! In my home State an' all!

Will get sewing .... and sending this info to a few SA gallery folk.

SJ xx

lauren said...

game on moles..