Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is a worthy cause, with a lot of interesting
artists, and yours truly (or my alter ego) as
Auctioneer. -hope to see you this Saturday at

Stone Gallery at Eastside Arts (Paddington markets)
7 October 2006, view from 10am, auction at 3pm.

Presented by Indonesian Solidarity and Union Aid

Earlier this year over 6 000 people lost their lives
in a high magnitude earthquake which struck the city
of Yogyakarta, Central Java on May 27. With around 46
000 injured, and over 600 000 left homeless, many are
now living in makeshift tents, or shelters on the side
of the road.

On June 17 another major earthquake occurred, this
time under the seabed off the coast of West Java,
causing a tsunami that struck the south coast of West
Java. At least 660 people were killed and
approximately 51 500 lost their homes.

With the monsoon or rainy season fast approaching it
is vital that the Australian community provide
assistance to those affected. WALHI - The Indonesian
Forum for Environment has been working in each of
these areas helping survivors to rebuild their lives.
WALHI take a community-based approach to recovery
work, with a focus on revitalising local community
organisations for the rapid recovery of civil society
in affected areas.

The art exhibition/auction will raise money and enable
WALHI to continue their much needed work in each of
these disaster-affected areas. There will also be a
door prize on the day sponsored by Australia Artworks.

"Artquake is about people connecting with people,
across national boundaries in order to help the people
rebuild their homes and livelihoods following the
disasters in Indonesia, "says Jumaadi, an Indonesian
artist residing in Australia.

Artists who have donated work include: Dadang
Christanto, Susan Norrie, Arlene Textaqueen, Sally
Smart, Liz Cuming, Mikala Dwyer, Rudy Ardianto, Rully
Zakaria, Aris Prabawa, Taring Padi (Yogyakarta),
Claire Conroy, James Hancock, Mark Hanham, Justin
Feuerring, Melody Willis, Mark Gerada, Nathan
Pyewacket, John Bell, Jacqueline Olivetti, Caroline
Kha, Neil Hicks, Lucas Ihlein, Rudy Kistler, Anna
Wheeler, Jim Croke, Mickie Quick, Refi Mascot,
Caroline Zilinsky, David Griggs, Alex Davies, Locust
Jones, Koji Ryui, Jumaadi, Simon Cavanough, Ian
Milliss, Mia Oatley, Paul Ryan, Roslisham AKA Ise,
Simon Yates, Josh Roelink, Sarah Nguyen, Yosi Messiah,
Malcolm Smith, Lynn Smith, Hana Schimada, Vicky Brown,
Lisa Kelly, Chayni Henry, Deborah Beck, Sia Cox, Keg
DeSouza, Anna Kristensen, Deborah Kelly, Diego
Bonetto, Stephen Oatley, Richard Tipping, Anna Young,
Jennifer Ogilvie, Kathryn Fries, Lisa Andrew,
Josephine Roberte and more to be announced...

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Please contact Amity Lynch on 0413
114 758 (

ARTQUAKE is proudly sponsored by Art Business,
Eastside Arts, Global Gallery, Global Colours, Art
Spectrum, Bruyeres Gray Fine Art, Eastside Radio
89.7FM, Paddington Inn.

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