Monday, August 21, 2006

Lucazoid Fan Club

this week Lucazoid will be sitting in the radio hot seat.

for those of you who can't get enough of his dulcet tones on air, then you can hear (and see) him again on tuesdya night at artspace.

Artspace is developing 'a series of informal events in order to provide a point of contact between the Gunnery studios and the local art community, and to facilitate discussion on issues important to artists operating today.'

that's the excuse for chinwag plus nibbly/drinkies thingo tomorrow night.they got three artists talking from 6pm on Tuesday 22nd August:

Yuken Teruya (Japan)
Roslisham Ismail a.k.a. Ise (Malaysia)
Lucas Ihlein (Sydney)

None of them have much to do wiht woolllomoolloo but we won't hold that against them.

Yuken Teruya introduces his practice in the context of the forthcoming program of exhibitions, residencies and public events Rapt! 20 Contemporary Artists from Japan. Ise discusses his participation in artist networks and collaborations across South-East Asia, while Lucas Ihlein presents a narrative of his recent two-month
residency in his home suburb of Petersham. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

ARTSPACE @ The Gunnery @ 43-51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo

you can catc another opening at LOOSE (level 2, 168 Day St, Sydney CBD)

"in the dark and alone, artmagic"
Lisa Andrew, Debra Phillips, Elvis Richardson, Kevin Sheehan

Opens at 6-8pm and continues to saturday 9th september

This is a way of saying that you've missed Jenny Browns work in the big box and Shane Hasemanns work in the little box.

the little box willl have : Ryszard Dabek - in a NOICE sherman touch.

(gallery hours: thursday and friday 12-5pm, saturday 1-6pm)


GAFFA has a special group show thing opening that they've schwankily titled:

:::Profile Week: Edition II:::

Names are:
Katrina Freene, Kevina-Jo Smith, Karin Jakobsson, Ivan Buljan, David
Finch, Amelia King, Kate Carr, Christopher Newton, Gillian Bencke, W.
Watkinson, Adrianne Tasker, Aesha Henderson, Ellie May Aroney

Objects are: mix of jewelry, sculpture, photos and toys.
GAFFA is at 330 Crown street, Surry hills


lucazoid said...

thanks boss, you saved my life again!

lucazoid said...

yuken's work (the japanese artist in residence at artspace)

i also talked about the jonas mekas film show at the monash museum of art in melbourne.
link here to that one:

and discussed the work of jo law and redmond bridgeman. this was shown at sydney:
jo and redmond's website is
and there are some photos here of the night

we did a shout out for the
"Wall 2 Wall" L'dt Emerging Artists Competition
you can get a form and enter here (due 22 sept)

and finally, some more about the show at loose:

In the dark and alone. Artmagic

In the dark and alone.
Carving the room into fours. The individual platforms stage the exhibitors project. Each divide holds, as its proforma, an exhibition site.
Working along parallels and incorporating by whatever means, the sympathetic alliance between each artist shifts between substance and shadow, between original and the copy, between creation and imitation.
As a group, an underlining thread could be an experimental concern with aesthetics and concept, with an innate need to relate to a public.
As the individual, artist-experimenter, there is the choice to ignore the traditional means of scientific experimentation, where a protocol of stable conditions are closely followed and signposted, to working in darkness, and alone.
The artist uses tools like images, situations encoded with signs, rhythm, dynamics of surface; lustre, shine, contrast and pushes it through the different mediums. An incantation of representation and idea is lifted from the collective memory/repository and reconfigured from which another paradigm emerges, if the participant is willing/has been willed. The essential unexplainable aspect of something magic is that it works. There is an undefined field where the connection occurs and a change is made of which is evidenced by the participating parties.
Working like this and trying to find that moment of lucidity, no sole method can manufacture. Instead the artist is faced with undefined territory. Multifaceted, open for discussion, defined as something and connected to a context, or the act of a magician and remaining undisclosed.

Magician; one skilled in magic; magic conjuring trick; inexplicable or remarkable influence producing remarkable results.

The Magician works with focused, concentrated intention, will being the principle tool.
The magician formulates a clean goal and its concentration can form a core around which the will constellates, surrounding the intent object/subject. The magician works to effect change by unseen means, using methods that his/her society collectively believes or allows belief in, using sanctified means objects and attendants, sympathetic artefacts used for sympathetic outcomes and will. Together and separately their methods form a milieu which when driven by magical intent create a magical event. The magical event usually comes about through acts of ritual and supposition of belief and with the aid of something else unseen. Kind of like working in the forth dimension, the unseen being enacted in the spirit world via spirit means.
For the Magician to attain great power, the belief of the power invested in him or her by the rest of the community is essential. The Magician acts because the community calls him/her to perform. An act of faith has begun.

“the magician puts to work collective forces and ideas to help the individual imagination in its belief. The act of the magician involves suggesting means, enlarging on the virtues of objects, anticipating effects, and by these methods fully satisfying the desires and expectations which have been fostered by entire generations in common.” Mauss /rizoli press