Thursday, August 03, 2006

LOTS happening!!!

After my spectacularly content free broadcast last week – I’ve decided to take a break and go see some art so I can review it.

Lucazoid will do the Monday 7th segment and mayhem will go and investigate the following shows for the broadcast on the 14th august.

FRIDAY AUGUST 4th (6-8pm) at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street Camperdown

Scenario House by Gianni Wise

An installation by artist Gianni Wise that places gun culture within the context of everyday living, literally, Gianni has built the interior of a home in a gallery space. Scenario House 's timing is particularly relevant given the events currently unfolding in the Middle East .

Exhibition Runs until August 20. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday 11 - 4pm. Saturday & Sunday 11 - 5pm

ALSO on friday at S.N.O.: Sydney Non Objective, First Floor 175 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
19: Ian Milliss And Christopher Dean, Quentin Sprague, Salvatore Panatteri

Exhibition runs to August 27, : hours are Thursday to Sunday 12:00-5:00PM or by Appointment

MONDAY AUGUST 7th (5.30pm) at Artspace, Cowper wharf road, Wooloomoolloo

Mimi Tong, Lori Kirk, James Hancock, Astra Howard and Jade Boyd announced as official winners of the NAVA/Freedman Travel Scholarship. Thanks to nice Freedman family and NAVA they each get $5,000 to travel the world and make some GR8 ART.

NAVA: National Assocation of Visual Artists. It's cheap to join and does lotsa nice stuff. Just don't say the"U" word.

TUESDAY AUGUST 8th (6-8pm) at Virginia Wilson Art, cnr Darley & Burton Streets, Darlinghurst
'Ironic Expressionism' group show curated by Andrew Frost.

My computer hates adobe so I couldn't read the artists list - but Craig Waddell is in it.


One day soon, when sydney art is reduced to beige derivative meanderings of Glenmore Road boosted by Stockroom sales of Lindsay, Whitely and Billich people will yearn for the days of old, interactive plyhanous multimedia multisensorial experimental art experiences.

So come live out the last sunset of OZCO new media funding initiative at a great little white box behind the old Brewery in chippo. Balfour street is tucked behind abercrombie street near Broadway - just off meagher street.

The Show is Mr Snow (don't think its a coke dealer tho)
Camera Notes: 2000/06

Exhibition Runs: Thursday 10 August - Sunday 20 August. Opening hours: Thu - Sun, 12am-6pm

PELT IS AT Unit 2, 46 Balfour Street, Chippendale or

Also on Wednesday at Mori Gallery, 168 day street, sydney CBD

David Capra, Leah McPherson, Stephen Barton, chelsea Lehman, Jacqueine Olivettie, Belle Charter, Ben Terakes, Melodya Williams, Shelley Atkinson, Kotton Patterson

Exhibition Runs until September 3. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 6pm

THURSDAY AUGUST 10th (6-8pm) at MOP Projects Room 16 Level 2 617 Elizabeth Street Redfern
CHARGE TO SLOW Julie Fragar and Fiona Lowry

Fragar is one of mayhem's favourite painters, taking photorealism, text and texture to extrme sports heights of crikey god knows what. this should be a big eyeball fest of contained intense drippy stuff, and August is one of the few months in the ear when MOP doesn't feel like a sauna.

Opening hours: Thursday - Saturday 1 - 6, Sunday 1 - 5 pm (02) 9699 3955

Same night at GAFFA gallery, 330 crown Street Surry Hills
The Debut, by the Makers Manifold

Rosary Coloma, Loren Keir, rhonda Lin, Mirna Novosel, Susie Rugg, Brooke Wilson, Chloe Waddell
One of them looks like she's wearing a lawn bowls outfit, so mayhem may be eviscerating her on the night for plagiarsism.

Opening Hours: mon-fri, 12-6pm, Sat: 11-6pm, sun: 2-5pm

SATURDAY AUGUST 12th (5-7pm) at Addison Road Gallery Marrickville
Riding in Wonder by Anna Wheeler

An exhibition of new paintings playing on the fauvist influences on her flamboyant colourist style. Wheeler has explored symbolist themes more deeply, applying them to her lyrical depictions of animals and still life elements. In english this means that Anna's paintings are big, bright, and a welcome smack in the face to the horrors of ACGA school of Beige. Think of trumpets screaming out a mambo improv over 'little brown jug' and you get the picture.

Exhibition Runs until August 27. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Sunday 11 - 5pm


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thanx or the posting for my show. Appreciate the effort to do this. The show went well with lots of tennis ladies asking left field questions re the installation. (it was at Chrissie Cotter - a space sandwiched between the bowling club and tennis courts. Surrounded by culture...)

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Hi, Hows Kotton ?
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