Sunday, July 02, 2006

scragging around

Art and mayhem has been damn slack this week and hasn't seen any art.
(I went to one opening but the room was full of people and I couldn't see a thing)

there are limits to bullshit even I can make up aobut stuff I haven't seen so I'll fess up and close my mouth for a week and open my eyeballs.

but in case all my fans wanna feast yer eyeballs on mayhem action there's some nudy paintings of mayhem at Michale nagy, and Tim hilton has a collection of happy snaps of schappylle scrag

why review art WHEN YOU ARE ART????

hey btw - that creepy bone woman wiht the weird religious scultpures - linde eivermeyer is my second cousin

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found objects man said...

I absolutely agree. Why review art when you are art. Also why limit yourself to the four walls of a gallery when you can take flight, as I have and have a free and independent existence? Cynics may say 'because you just couldn't get a show', but I know better. And I'm having more fun. Cheerio, found objects man