Wednesday, July 26, 2006


If you haven't been down to the MCA for the biennale, then this Saturday at 3pm - I reccomend you go.

that honeyed voice man ruark will be giving an ORAL performance of Banalities Piece - presumably while negotiating the many frames of his Biennale installation.

think of the Number 3.

Its at 3pm
Piece is on level 3 - in that weird nookey bit near the lifts and on the harbour side.

If you want something less operatic and endurancy then you could go up to Cross Arts (33 Roslyn street Kings x) for artists talks by Fiona MacDonald, Sue Pedley, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Deborah Vaughan.

the show is really interesting and so are the artists and it's on the same time as Ruarks peice wihch is also the same time as some talk/thing on Mindfulness and Creativity at AGNES wales as part of the ZEN BUSH MASTERS exhibition.

and they are all freee - and it's furhter proof that sydney is not a boring overpriced banal hell hole really......

I think I mentined the Olaf talk fest at Paddo town hall tonight?

Also I just got a last minute note that ON FRIDAY (yeah -that's today) - squatspace kiddos Kernow and Amitie are giving a slide talkfest at SYDNEY, 302 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills.

Amsterdam <--> Yogja <--> Sydney.

Kernow has been in Amsterdam since 2003, living in squats and doing graphic design with Green Pepper Magazine, and DIY printing collective kNUST.

Amity spent 2005 studying in Indonesia. After the recent earthquake, she helped organise the wildly successful 'Rock against Rubble' fundraising party at Lanfranchi's. She has just returned from a short trip to Yogyakarta to deliver the proceeds to the Taring Padi collective whose building was destroyed.

Kernow and Amity will be accompanied by Sydney's famous Krazy Kool drinks (indo style), Indonesian Dangdut music, and really strange Dutch music.


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you wish!

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