Monday, May 22, 2006

SLACking off

This week I've been led from the carpet walled haven at 2SER to go and look at some nice rocks in southern sydney. I find it impossible to resist a nice cliff and some billowing foam so I've left listeners with the dulcet tones of Lisa Kelly from Sydney Lady Artists Club.

She did a preview on their excursion to the Oxford Tavern's Jelly Wrestling night some weeks back. You can read more about it by clicking on their link on the right, but that's not why she's starring in the hotseat.

Lisa's one of the directors of LOOSE - a new gallery space up the stairs at 168 Day Street in the CBD. I havne't given Loose much of a plug in the past - because of traumatic experiences of endless stairs climbing and coloured corridor meanderings that it has taken me some time to actually be able to share with the world.

but this wendesday - it might just be worth giving it another shot. If not this wednesday - then maybe saturday.

Metaphysical TV - promises to be a major eyeball fest for all of the super8 fans out there. It opens THIS WEDNESDAY 24th MAY, at LOOSE - and the other details are below.

The same night, the for hire space formerly known as Four A, has an enigmatic show - which is about art and fashion combining. It could be good, and kind of vintage meets nostaligia meets cultural critique - or it could be bland ragtrade pastiche. I can't actually tell from the presa release and I'm a sucker for having my ambiguous zones tweaked. Belinda Lai is the name of the 'artiste'.......

The good news means that Lucazoid will be able to come into 2SER and spread his vocals acorss the airwaves. the bad news is that, oh, well, it has been so nice having something local and relational happening in hte inner city. Lisa is also a Petersham local - so I thought she'd be best equipped to discuss this.
(confused? click on 'where's lucazoid' on the right for more info)

As part of the closing fest - there'll be A DINNER AT PETERSHAM BOWLING CLUB THIS FRIDAY NIGHT.
this promises to be WAYYYY better than the xmas luncheon fare at Jimmy's Kitchen at the glen innes bowling club. Not only is the catering done by capable foina, but there's going to be boosted by the presence of International Art Stars(TM). A group of Biennale artists, who are also marrickville council's artists in residence are going to give a presentation, and lucazoid will as well. It should make a great complement to the fetching decor of lawn bowls badges framed along one wall. Actually, the might have to cover that up with a screen. shit.
dinner starts at 6pm. ring fiona on 0434 813 926 if you wanna eat or just rock up and get ready to bowl and sink beers and look at stuff.

SATURDAY - Lucazoid also has his chrissie cotter opening - to demonstrate the 'outcomes' of the sham project. It will be from 2.30-6pm at a small space behind the Camperdown Bowling Club, and will involve a group stroll around the sham periphery.

If you don't wanna walk - go back to Loose for the silly string theory metaphysical fest - also on at 2pm.

Last week - I checked out Greg Shapley's performance endurance piece at Newspace Gallery in rozelle. It was much easier to get to by bus than Macquarie uni. anyway - newspace has been newly painted and looks great - and upstairs was decked out well with three guitarists in each room, doing their controlled two chord 4 second strums. There were candles and dips. It was vintage tasteful. It could have been Black mountain college in the thirties. with great beer. It was cool.

i wandered around and saw that one of the guitarists was Brendan Penzer. The other guy had his face to the wall, hidden under a beanie so I couldn't work out who it was. It was like an understated MANJAM. I wnadered aorund , did some skethces and settled into a chair, wondering how long the perfomrers would last without beer, and if I should offer to pour beer into mouths somehow. but then Greg cracked. He put down his guitar after only 95 minutes. I was disgusted! so I left.

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