Wednesday, May 17, 2006

metaphysical opening

This opening sounds wayyyy cool - especially the bit with silly string.

only thing is the dates don't tally with my verison of i-cal!

Is it some kind conceptual art impossibility?

Metaphysical TV [Still]

Andrew Frost + Stephen Harrop + Michael Hutak + Mark Titmarsh + Gary

Opening Wednesday May 27, 6pm. Loose Projects, 2nd Floor, 168 Day
Street, Sydney.
Exhibition runs for Three Days: May 27 to May 29
Gallery Hours: Thu-Fri 12-5pm, Sat 1-6pm.
Video Performance by Mark Titmarsh: [Silly] String Theory. Saturday May
29, 2pm.
Attendees for the performance are invited to bring a can of silly
Curated by Mark Titmarsh.

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L.Kelly said...

hey mayhem,

yikes! those dates should read

opening wednesday may 24 6pm

video performance by Mark Titmarsh saturday may 27 2pm