Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stuff this Week

I'm getting back into town on Saturday.

so far I'm managed to avoid ALL semblance of CULCHA in thoe coutnry. Mym mum is a volunteer minder at the local art gallery - so I may pop in - and we were planning on dropping by NERAM - befor eI fly out on saturday.

Not that sydney readers would give a stuff - so why bother?

Back In sydney - I've got dreams of spending sunday avoiding my backyard life drawing grouop - and whizzing around chekcing out the white boxes..... well not quite.

Marrickville council has some ART In THE PARK thing at Manudrell Park at Petersham.
It sounds Ghastly and they should get someone new to rewrite their press releases.

Fortunately I do KNOW some of the artists involved - and know that they are the sculptors from the STONE VILLA - some of whom used to be at that fun studio at the back of Kelly COuntry studios - before it got Dog Boxed.

So I reckon it won't be the ususal frightening community arts event (with unshaven members of the ALP left doing their pseudo boho thing by wearing patchwork batik pants- argh!!!) but maybe more like a traditional sculptors pissup.

Nick Strike had some stuff at SLOT last year , and even took on the men of metal one year with an installation involving used water bottles, and Sam whittingham does great soft stuff and despite using MDF, Caz Hazwell makes nice things so I hope she's brought one of her big ones along. Other sculptors are Szilvia Gyorgy, Rodney Nash, Phillip Barnes, Greame Endean, Stephen Ralph, Bernard Appassamy, Daniel Simon and Kelly Leonard.

ART IN THE PARK - A biannual exhibition of work by local sculptors at Maundrell Park, which is located on the corner of Stanmore Road and Hopetoun Street, Petersham.

Sunday 23rd April 11-4 pm. Official Opening 12pm

Afterwards I'm gonna toddle up Canterbury Road to NEWTOWN RISSOLE for something that loks really fun.THOSE noyce boyz form tha Proppa KULCHA lifestyle experience that is SUB BASS SNARL - are doing an ART & MUSIC HYBRID experience. If anyone listens to Paradigm shift on 2SER - or has attended FRIGID in the past 10 years, or looks at the OZCO funded Cyclic Defrost mag - or, you know, whatever.... come on down to the Neetown RISSOLE for a bit of LIVE DRAWING. I've tacked on the blurb below. I'll be there with boots on.


This Sunday we are back with a big week after last Sunday's
intermission. This week we have former Adelaidian and now UK resident
Inch Time performer live with his artist friend Roy Ananda who has
worked with him for many years.
Inch-time (aka Stefan Panczak) makes music that focuses on the
melding of organic and electronic sounds; combining minimal, melodic
electronica with such diverse influences as jazz, folk and World
music to create a wholly unique and beautiful sound. Returning from
his London base for the April Tour he will be previewing new songs
from forthcoming album "As The Moon Draws Water", out in June on
Static Caravan (UK). Expect to hear some sparkling, chiming and
seductive electronica that's as subtle and beautiful as it is
impossible to resist.
Roy Ananda is a visual artist who works in the fields of drawing,
sculpture and installation. Roy’s collaboration with Inch-time began
some five years ago in the form of improvised live drawings
accompanying Inch-time’s live performances and DJ sets. The
collaboration has continued by way of Inch-time’s EPs and albums,
with Roy providing artwork for all releases so far. For the April
Tour, Roy will once again provide a live visual accompaniment;
locating mark and surface next to notes and silence, mapping out a
drawing-based analogue to Inch-time’s distinctive and sublime

And, fresh from their new live set and lineup at The Great Escape,
ollo pop in for a suprise live set showcasing some material from
their upcoming new album . . . so no excuses!

Frigid @Newtown
52 Enmore Rd, Newtown


Sunday April 23
8pm to 1145pm

Inch Time (live, UK)
Roy Ananda (live drawing)
ollo (live)
Seb Snarl

If you dig anything from Four Tet to ambient electronics, or are
curious about what 'live drawing' might entail, then drop in. Its free.

We now have just six weeks of Frigid left to run so come and enjoy
the good, innovative live electronic music while you still can.

After 10 years we are finishing up with our 10th Birthday which
happens on the June long weekend - Saturday June 10 with Luke Vibert
and plenty of surprise guests. You can buy your tickets at http://

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