Monday, April 24, 2006

skin of my teeth

Art and Mayhem barely scraped through this week - and there wasn't even enuff time to play a one minute track by Inch Time - in order to evoke the nice live drawing thing by roy ananda that I saw last night.

this is a pity because the soft organisc fluffy electronica woud have well matched the gentle tones of Daz's programming.....

oh well. a shakey, scrapey rushing start - but, at least i didn't get called "miss" and I do hope to hang in there, somehow.....

Yesterday was a nice day of Kulcha - the art in the park had nary a shade of Khadi, and there was only one truly appalling piece, whihc was so bad it was kind of cool. A chrome polished steel cuved swoosh wiht little ladyfeelt on the end, perched on a black plinth - well, I decided htat it was an open field reference to the ambiance of the partk - and tyring to tie in the Oxford Tavern on the next corner. Hope the oxford tavern buys the work - coz it'd make a great addiiton to the neon legs on the Rita's Restaruant sign......

There were lovely shimmering latticey things hanging from a tree as I tried to track down Christopher Newman's details from Anna Bazzi Backhouse - the new arts officer. Chris, if you, or anyone you know is reading this YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY GAY IN THE VILLAGE - and we're having a school reunion. (even our mother's went to school together!) email me now!

well the shimmers reminded me of fun times in the last decade heading off the the Gayand Lesser Beings parades - or kookey, or something, or frigid even?

and then someone had a calderesque cow skull going mobile i the corner - and this made me really happy - coz I'd been listening to nick Cave all morning - and ksuls in the sunlight are kinda cheery and winsome.......

and nick's parrallelax was great, and sams stuff fabric bits were great, and I'm real glad to see that Kaz has moved on from mdf - and used that great piercied pinboard stuff to good effect.

I saw lucazoid plus nobody and the rock star that was Maxine Foxx. We all headed off on a reconnaisance mission ot the barefoot bowls at petersham. Chek cout lucazoids blog for more ifo.

Ten I went to frigid - and nearly missed the ananda eyeball experience - due to being conrerned by a feral from the weld (volunterily I giht add - twe had gossip to caht up on).

I snuggled up at the front for the nice fluffy inchtim set - which was neatly introduced by Seb's bold and crafty seguing of random global fusion bits......

Roy was stationed at a big white board - and I'd assumed that the live drawing would be some kind of trippy gestural butoh thing....... (wher drawing becomes an extension of dancing....)

but. Roy - kind ostuck to the same bodily movements of DJ's - that kind of calm cerebral containment. he had 2 poses; one standing up and oe crouching down, and he styed pretty much on the spot. Stefan Panzak was iitially the most compellig mmebe rof the duo - (you shold have seen is eyeballs roll) - but we only had a back view of roy.

His picture that ememrged was a cerebral quasi-Klee kind of slow gental whimsly. Bery tructural - lines and cones and cylinders forming a type of body. Then he got out the gouache and knwckd some of th planes back. It was nice. I enjoyed it.

Enough art reviews!

this week - Greg shapley has recycled a hamburger from a first draft show in 2004. I've tacked on the media release below.

It opens on wednesday 26th April at GLint Gallery, level 1, 226 Union street South Newtown. It should be visible thurs, frid and sat during the day. for this week only!

Gallery 4A have an opening on Friday 28th April . Called ghosts of the coast, it has a pretty good lineup including Lional Bowden, Cherine Fahd, Alex Kershaw, Pat Sae-Loy, Evan Salmon, Todd robinson, Mel O'Callaghan and Prateep Suthathongthai.

I spoke about some fashion disasters contest on saturday, but I've lost the flyer. sorry.

THE BURGER REPEATS (The Sleazeburger)

An installation by Greg Shapley

WHERE: Alpha Gallery (In the Alpha House Artists' Cooperative Ltd)
Level 1, 226 Union St, Erskineville (South Newtown)
(Around the corner from the Union Hotel)

WHEN: Opening: Wednesday April 26th, 6-9pm
Running from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th April
Gallery Hours: 1pm-5pm

A day or two before Australia Day last year, fellow artist, Deb Baker,
and I did something quite uncharacteristic: we stopped off at
Blacktown McDonalds and bought a cheeseburger. This turned out to be
no ordinary cheeseburger however.

After resisting the temptation to devour it on the long journey home,
we installed it as part of our work in the exhibition 'In Pursuit of
WMDs' at Firstdraft Gallery. Just like the now famous Mary, Mother of
God cheese-on-toast apparition (that sold for thousands of dollars on
Ebay recently), this burger was destined for a greater use than a
tasty snack or a one-off appearance. Thus 'The Cheeseburger' makes its
second appearance - over one year later. Miraculously, it has not
deteriorated at all; the meat is not maggotted, and the cheese is as
fresh as the day it was umm... processed (in fact, an upturned cheese
corner has given the burger a somewhat cheesy grin).

This time the cheeseburger has been filmed sauntering sleazily down a
conveyer belt. It is pitch black, except for our softly focussed -
almost pornographic - iconic fast food. It is soon followed by a
perfect replica - a simulacrum. A cross between bumper cars and
Pacman, these two burgers go through a prolonged ritual. Are they
colliding? ...having sex? ...melding into one? ...or all of the above?
the second burger becomes one with its pursuant, the ritual begins
again and never ends - the burger repeats.

Greg Shapley is an audiovisual artist and composer. His last work was
A THING OF BEAUTY: AN ACT OF TERROR. It explored the infinite
possibilities of the finite using planes, statues, and jaywalkers.


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