Sunday, January 08, 2006

Saving the Weld

Ever dreamt of seeing an art critic expose themeselves to the gut wrenching angst that is an exhibition?

Ever wanted to be able to say what you really thought of an art exhibition, but were afraid to in case the artist overheard?

Well! this wednesday 11th january YOU CAN indulge both fantasies at Mori Gallery, 168 Day Street Sydney.

A large extravaganza on art that can save the world opens from 6-8pm; All " rooms and the corridor will feature exhibitions from Adam Gzecky, Zanny Begg and Catherine rogers.

In the spirit of critical Dyslexia for which she is renowned, Margaret Mayhew from art and mayhem is participating in a show entitled "Saving the Weld".... hell it sounds the same doesn't it?

"Saving the Weld" is inspired by the The Weld Valley Preserve for World Heritage and features the Black Sassy Collective, plus ANNA BELHALFAOUI, HANNA HILDENBRAND and MARGARET MAYHEW.

All three artists went to Tasmania on a reconnaissance mission to hnt down the brave eco warriers who are usiuing a combination of art, science and ecotourism to halt the napalming of Tasmanias southern forests. Yep. Napalming. The forests are burnt off and leftover timber is harvested and pulped for $18 a tonne.Its not for profit, just sheer stupidity. the blockaders have been fined $25,000 each for trespassing, which is more money than forestry tasmania will get for pulping the lot....... weird huh?

anyway, since Anna and Margaret are jetsetters, they are in PAris and won't be around to witness the critical discern,ent of the sydney public. So come along, chekc out the work§ disparage our skills! disparage our intent! buy the work and BURN IT IN THE GALLERY!!!!! the money goes to a good cause and you can have a good release!

This wednesday!



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