Monday, January 16, 2006

Art and Mayhem in HTML


Below is the unedited transcript of Lucasses summary of mondays show.

For more info on Ken Nordine check out:
interesting stuff...

"In the USA Ken Nordine has been a well known vioce on many radio broadcasts and commercials. His rich, deep tones are perfect radio fodder. On this album he combines what he discribes as 'word jazz' with an eclectic mixture of musical arrangements provided by Dick Cambell and a small group of musicians. Each track has the title of a different color ( colour ) and evokes that colors essence by clever use of rhyme, rhythm and tone."

12th Jan Thursday · 6-9pm - FESTIVAL OPENING
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
64 Pine St Chippendale
Sideslip from the mainstream into the premiere of Gang!
Our opening exhibition features Taring Padi ("teeth of the rice plant"), a progressive peoples' artistic collective from Yogyakarta, Central Java. From woodcuts to large scale mural installations, their work embraces community and arts in a variety of contexts. Bringing together for the first time in Sydney, Taring Padi's passionate collective imagery as well as many outstanding individual works.
and we did a little critique of tony oursler's blue invasion in hyde park as part of sydney festival.

Blue invasion in hyde park
Hyde Park North
When January 7-24 after dark
see also
from the sydney festival press release:
something’s wrong. Something’s happening in the park. Some sort of disturbance; some sort of interference. Something or someone has landed - a visitor or visitors from another place.
Is this a connection or just interference? What are those people doing? Who are they? Are they with the Government or from the University? Light shifts among the trees and an urgent voice becomes ever more persistent. What is it trying to say?
Blue Invasion is a site-specific installation throughout Hyde Park North, created by renowned international artist Tony Oursler. Oursler conceived the work as a kind of ‘psycho-landscape’, delving into our fascination with, and fears of, life beyond the stars. The accompanying soundscape, reminiscent of an auditory hallucination, brings together Oursler’s long-time collaborators, noted US composer Tony Conrad and actor Constance DeJong.
Based in New York, Tony Oursler is one of the pioneers of new media art. Since the mid-1970s he has used video technology to simulate and expose the predicaments of contemporary consciousness - its emotions, desires and pathologies. His work has been shown at the world’s major festivals, biennales and museums, including the Tate Modern in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.
Tony Oursler present[ed] an illustrated lecture exploring the influence of media on our perception and the desire to reimagine ourselves through technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art at January 8.
We played a few Tracks from the tony oursler cd, which is a soundtrack to his hyde park multimedia theatre piece "blue invasion":
Track 1 "red"
Track 7 "Black"
and in keeping with the theme of "colours" we played 2 tracks from

Ken nordine cd "colors" from 1966:
" Ecru" (like the colour of bandaids - see and search within that page for the word "ecru" you will see what i am talking about)
"beige" "about as ordinary as you can get away with seeing is the grey way beige likes to have things being"

til next week!!
x lucazoid

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