Friday, July 01, 2005

SMIC on monday!

I'll give this a plug on mondays show - but get your going out gear on in advance.

Smic did the last amazing 4D real sculpture video/audio installation at the end of may - so this should be worth a gander

> SMIC presents with Camera Obscura
> Mon July 4, 7.30pm, Lanfranchi's, 2/144 Cleveland
> St, Chippendale

Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting, comfortable seating - 5.1audio - large scale projection - free

Month of July (04.07.05)
This month we are taking a broad view across production techniques for screens large and small, with a particular focus on collage. In collaboration with the Sydney Moving Image Coalition we will be joined by London artist Sheena Macrae ( RAWspace artist-in-residence) who be presenting a series of short video works which experiment with form and editing of familar works. We'll start with the vagaries of bike safety education with a group of kids in ape masks, cut to the best German experimental computer animation has to offer and we take a sample of Sydney artist Paul Nunes' work with mobile phone cameras to stock footage assembly. What better way to conclude than with Craig Baldwin's assembled epic "Spectres of the Spectrum"?

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