Friday, July 01, 2005

The end of the Wedding


check out this message below

hi all,

just writing to let those of u who were involved in our space that we
have been shut down by sydney city council for being a site of 'illegal

we are still considering doing our last show (called homewreckers) at a
different venue.

many thanks to all of u who have come and supported us over the last 9
so much for the velvet revolution on George street - sydney City CONcil is as evil as ever.
There's no hope - anything that involves not sitting in some loud as hell pub - bearings ones ears to trashy amplified discs (no live music) sinking dodgy cat piss and throwing ones life and dosh into a poky machine is going to be discouraged.

The wedding circle has been a great little aritsts run initiative - with the 3-4 artists renting out a warehouse/studio space for their studios and using the shopfront as a gallery and the middle room as an occasional venue for films and performances.

That's CULTURE in capitals. Obviosuly a threat to mass stupidity - and needing to be shut down.
Apparently there were complaints from the neighbours.

Like who?
The boring arsed beige factory across the road - whose tepid opens paled in comparison?
Or the security clad apartment dwellers snsconsed in fornt of their plasma screens surrounded by tasteful ikea prints?????

aNywa - we hope to have an update on this weeks moverdrive - 4-6pm on monday july 4th. Independance Day. Yeah right.


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