Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weird Science and wetness

My entries have been getting crappier and crappier and I *do* apologise profusely.

Punters will be pleased to know that I have been keeping up the eyeball activity - jut the connection between eyeball and blog has gone down coz I'm finding it harder to find space to articulate why certain things make me smile.....

I am *wetting* myself over a couple of things this weekend tho - firstdraft have just had a great show open and one of their studio guests is at large this weekend in the middle of the city. Kirsten Bradley's work strikes me as being a perfect combo of absurdity and mind blowing delight... the portable planetariums literally turn the viewer into a replica of a stunted cactus - but on the inside promise to transport the now dorky looking subject into an utterly incredible realm of discovery and delight. I think it's the combo of DIY (cutting up bits of cardboard), attention to detail (cutting them up very well) erudition (being into science AND art) and imaginative delight that gets me going..... so I can wait for this one....

On the theme of DIY transports of delight my favourite non-lieu's the squatspace gang - are having their annual floating regatta of human powered windbags across Gordon's Bay this saturday. Bring your inflatable objets d'art and set sail across the nicest nook of the pacific accessible with a Red TRavelpass - from about 1pm or 2pm or some hot time.

the regatta clashes with the earnest chinwag for Quick and Dirty: the mega queer performance fest at Carriageworks this weekend. Part of mardis gras - its like a combo of gurlesque AND manjam, and if you don't know how good that is - then get yerself down to eveleigh street pronto.......I'll be the one sitting in a puddle of my own making!

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