Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Keep Australia Beautiful

(image courtesy of Jane Polkinghorne)

Dear All

I made a quick trip to Sodomy City so Scragg could knife Howard, and now I'm finding it VERY HARD TO LEAVE.

The sydney Sumer Arty Party Frenzy is PEAKING this week, with doubled up events every bloody night. the galleries are for rubbing swety shoulders and sinking swill, and it looks like are has gone out into the open.

If you're looking for ART you can go past Prince Alfred Park - the green bit between Central Station, First Draft and Cleveland street and keep an eye on the fence - coz Matt Gallois is hoping to do some 'scripto-visual' pieces with styrofoam cups.....

If you're looking for a giggle and a perve and free piss and funtimes and cheap (!) xmas presents, and leftover bits from all the commercial gallery shows this year then.......

Tuesday 4th December
Sydney College of the Arts has its Postgraduates show opening from 6.30-8.30pm . It's the one in rozelle. check it out before Callan Park gets converted to Footie Fields and a Carpark for cashed up UCLA college jock wannabees...

Legge Gallery also has it's xmas show opening (oh, how I LOVE xmas shows). BYOG or risk serious illness, but I'm hanging for another peak at Alan Jones's heads

and while in chippo I might swing over to.... nG Gallery for the dreadful planet show

Wednesday 5th December
Of course EVERYONE should be coming to Schappylle Scragg's Keep Australia Beautiful Show at Mori Gallery - if only to check out her new bikini while she pukes in the dunnies with Starella, but if extreme sports Aussie Irony ain't your thing, then there's always......

Don’t Look Gallery in dulwich Hill with
" Siamo Ieri ['We Are Yesterday']" by Greer and Julia Rochford

Thursday 6th December 2006

At The Vanishing Point – Contemporary Art in Newtown
Disturbance by Cornelius Delaney & Sub-versions by Joy Bye and Clarissa Regan

Friday 7 December

I could head out to Hazlehurst regional art gallery and Schappylle Scragg probably should and not only coz it's an opening in THE SHIRE. They have a GREAT show called: Our Lucky Country (still different) and the artists are: Ron Adams, Liam Benson, Maria Cruz, Elizabeth Day, Sarah Goffman, Michelle Hanlin, Soda_Jerk, Ruark Lewis, Adam Norton, Anna Peters, Nana Ohnesorge, Nuha Saad, Huseyin Sami, George Tillianakis and Mimi Tong.

but I'm booked closer to home (ie spewtown) for the:
Stonevilla Fundraiser Xmas Exhibition
at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock street Camperdown.

The Stone Vila is a Marrickville council owned building where an eclectic and amazing group of sculptors have gathered to do MORE THAN WELDED STEEL. Kaz Hazwell, Nick Strike, Sam Cavanagh and Simon Calwell are some of my favourite strange object makers in the universe, and they do a damn fine pissup too.

All moneys raised will go towards “Vortex”
The Stone Villa’s first contemporary arts festival in Sydenham Green.

Saturday 8th December

“Vortex” a contemporary arts event to be held under the flight path in Sydenham Green from 11am till 10pm. "Vortex" is a Stone Villa Inc initiative. The festival is open to all out door sculpture and Digital short film. Digital short films will be screened on the outside of our building at sundown. Bring your block out and a blanket and come and enjoy the art.
Corner of Henry st and Railway rd Sydenham. For all inquires email Samantha Whittingham: yannsam@yahoo.com.au or call Stone Villa Tel: 95161787
Stone villa is a stones throw form Sydneham station - which is within spitting distance of Sydney's best seafood wholesaler - so I reckon this is a BYO oysters and champers number....

If you get sick of moving things, 3-D things, interactive things and pretty things with lots of kiddies runing around and eveyrone having aball, then you can teleport yourself to surry hills for....


Currently exhibiting artists Julie Burke (exhibiting as part of Firstdraft's Studio Residency program), Jacque Drinkall and Fatima
Naseer Ahmad will be discussing their work and practice.

ON the Theme of Chinwagging, Schappylle scragg will be putting on her thinking cap on Sunday arvo for...

Sunday 9 December
Tea with… the Critics will be held at the Australian Centre for Photography from 3pm. they are inviting 4 art critics, representing print, web and television. Each guest will be required to nominate one or two of your favourite (and possibly least favourite) photomedia exhibitions from 2007. The guests are Andrew Frost (the Art Life), Schappylle Scragg (who has seen more art than mayhem sadly enuff) and Robert McFarlane. The Host will be Stewart Hawkins from the Financial Review.

Next week, I'll list more of the fabbo events - which hopefully will comprise the last of the years art madness

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