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Migrating within the Slit

Migrating Within - Angela Femia, Helen Sturgess, Elke Wohlfarht
Serious Play - Bonita Bub, Ben Terakes, Melody Williams
spat + loogie - futuresearch

Exhibition open: Wednesday February 21 to Saturday March 10, 2007

Opening night drinks: Wednesday February 21, 2007 6-8pm

Firstdraft opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm


Migrating Within - Angela Femia, Helen Sturgess, Elke Wohlfarht

An exhibition of immersive installation works by three female sculptors, characterised by a use of diffuse light to evoke the ephemeral rather than the concrete, questions rather than answers.

As Helen Sturgess's Objects migrate through the gallery in real space and time they interact with the other works, linking Elke Wohlfahrt's observation of 'mutedness' with Angela Femia's reflection on memory and the home.

In an attempt to put into order the ephemeral territory of memory, Angela Femia's Memory Cupboard utilises the symbolism inherent in the cupboard and the house. Found and constructed objects are juxtaposed in an endeavour to navigate towards a better understanding of memory.

Utilising the whole gallery space yet essentially 'unlocated' within it, Helen Sturgess's Migratory Objects are translucent forms that hover and sway, migrating slowly, influenced by the movements of passers by. As adults we tether ourselves to the ground, weighing ourselves down with possessions and responsibilities. To be lighter than air, to fly or to float, is an eternal dream.

Elke Wohlfahrt's heightened sensitivity as one who has migrated led to Muted Suburb, an observation of the 'mutedness' that has evolved in contemporary western society. Glass and dust unite to present and re-present the video footage, resulting in a disorientating account of suburban life.

Serious Play -
Bonita Bub, Ben Terakes, Melody Williams

Serious Play features artists that employ a playful approach to a broad range of materials whether it is the body in the case of Ben Terakes’ performances and drawings, industrial materials in Bonita Bub’s objects or the ‘mock-up’ construction of Melody William’s props.

The works commonly use humour and game playing in order to deliver messages concerning awkward and slippery territory such as ideas of masculinity, outsider status and anti-authoritarian sentiment. They generally preference unpolished aesthetics over pristine surfaces, are concerned with emotions and have a strong foundation in drawing. Ben Terakes devises performances and watercolours that explore the inability to define masculinity within a post-feminist framework. Whilst Terakes uses his body or watercolours as his medium Bonita Bub prefers to construct ambiguous organic shapes from industrial materials such as cardboard, transparent plastic and furniture foam. Melody Williams makes tools and props for undefined actions stemming from her playful urges and interest in the escapist potential of theatre and film.

spat+loogie - futuresearch

futuresearch is Lo-fi DIY virtual reality based on google image search and the unknown. Magic eyes, 3D and the Internet collide- almost as good as the motion picture ‘The Net’.

futuresearch is art to hang in the office.

futuresearch is….. A google image search of words pertaining to the future, mashed up into 3D lenticular prints. Then connecting with these image-makers from all over the net and the world, to explain the phenomenon of google and the future.

Custom made magic eyes circa 1991, for the new millennium – cross your eyes and step away for best effect.

Home made video goggles taking you on lo-fi faux virtual-reality tour of the INTERNET.

New media art for those who appreciate glitter and gold. The future, as predicted in 1989, is finally here.

Futuresearch is also pictures of computers.

spat+loogie are a Sydney based collaborative duo whose practise dips into the forms of installation, video, new media and performance. Their largest work to date is new!shop, a life-sized interactive supermarket which toured through festivals last year.


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Migrating Within, Press Image, 2007.
Bonita Bub, Stop Sulking Edward I, 2005.
Ben Terakes, Chief of the Cherokee (Performance Documentation), 2006.
Melody Williams, Workbench
, 2005.
spat+loogie, Mystery, 2007.

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hi tea ladies,

next thursday we have the exhibition opening & launch of slit magazine's 11th issue, 'the 't' show'. opens 6-8pm thursday 22 february, continues friday 23rd to sunday 25th february 12-5pm.

featuring tom fairweather by jamie dunbar , sex intents by cat o nine tails, mr t by lasy penelope, plus works by wife and aunties, sam king, textaqueen, zanny begg, zoo and more.

lots of sexy photographs from slit associates as part of mardi gras, not just for viewing, they'll be for sale too...

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see you there


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on Thursday, 22 February 2007 5.30-8.30 pm

to be opened at 7pm by Mr Peter Garrett MP, AM
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in the presence of Hugo Weaving and Abbie Cornish

Exhibition dates: 23 February - 10 March 2007

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Liina's said...

Thankyou Mayhem for explaining/ posting about the Migrating within work ~ we saw this show on opening night but didn't quite get it ~ guessed but weren't sure and forgot to ask someone. We loved the interactive nature of some of the works (e.g. Melody Williams and the Future search room) although had trouble getting our big head into the future search dvd viewer thingy. Cool though.