Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lotsa shit

Linkthanks to Loose for the most tasteful image of the year - and one which had me gnashing my teeth at missing the closing finale of the THE SHIT SHOW

At around the same time - I was planning to be running around williamsburg chasing zombies - but was to knackered by the feminist future symposium to do much at all.

News of the week is that the National Art School will not be amalgamated with any Universities but that the NSW department of education and training are looking at 'other options to conserve the unique character of the site' or institution - or some other weirdarse bureauspeak. In the meantime, one bright spark has started up an official shit stirring blog - whingeing eloquently about shit going down at the old gaol.

despite the cumbersome title, it offers some punchy perspectives and a timely challenge to the reactionary jingoistic anti academic guff that got peddled in the local press last year.

i've decided that even long distance: Mayhem is sydney's answer to the williamsburg 'wagmag' a monthly leaflet and map that lists the freepiss/new art happenings every night in williamsburg, the 'hip' part of Brooklyn.

so here goes:

Meanwhile - back at the ranch, don't look have an opening this wednesday Jan 31st, called 'teen dream' by jaqueline dunbar. DON'T LOOK Gallery is at 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia (a block back from the corner of New Canterbury Rd and Marrickville Rd).

The rise of the middle classes, compulsory schooling and the outlawing of child labour all gave rise to the phenomenon of the 'teen'. This 'in-between' period has generated an industry that exists between childhood innocence and raunch culture – between teddy bears and girly mags.

Jack Dunbar has constructed a personal response to the social construction of the male teen using evocative imagery projected from lightboxes installed in the ceiling. Like oil and water these constellation-like projections contrast uneasily with our teen's bedroom below. There is something voyeuristic about this scene. We are viewing a boy's private world – one that is becoming a bit too comfortable and a little outgrown. At the same time we are privy to his media-constructed fantasia – the supposed ideal construction of beauty – of womanhood. This 'ideal world' however, is beyond his reach and quite terrifying to the adolescent.

Dunbar has created a rare opportunity to gaze into the hormonally-charged world of a teenage boy. Filled with memories, expectations and fears, we see beyond the usual PR opportunities for 'teen' marketers into a more nuanced topography.

On the same night - and a mere few stops on the 428 bus away
Factory 49 Showroom has an opening at:
49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney. (Shepherd St runs off Addison Rd)

Show #14 - paintings by MATT ALLEN, opening 6 - 8pm, Wed 31 Jan until Sat 10 Feb and and Outside Wall Work painting by KATE MACKAY

The Showroom is open every Thurs - Sat, 1 - 6pm

on saturday

GroundFloor Gallery have a group show called 'teasers' opening this saturday afternoon (3rd February) from 3-5pm
at their new address at 39 Cameron Street Balmain, Sydney NSW Australia 2041
t: 02.9555.6102 f: 02.9555.6104

Tracy Clement is in it, and says its a 'teaser' fr her solo show in October so worth a look

If you can't be bothered getting over to Breezy Balmain on saturday arvo - then try Scheffer Gallery at 38 Lander Street, Darlington for

Brendan Smith <>
Opening Saturday 3rd February 5-7pm until 24th February
38 Lander Street Darlington 2008 Sydney
11-6pm wed-sat Ph 9310 5683

The following Tuesday February 6
there's a show called UNREAL-ESQUE, opening at GRANTPIRRIE, 86 George Street Redfern
the curator says  'It has eight really great artists in it: Sarah Parker, Marisa Purcell,
Sally Ross, Bethany J Fellows, Sharon Goodwin, Jaki Middleton, Therese Howard
and Caroline Rothwell.'

Meanwhile that cultural desert Newtown - is having a NEW CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE open - and it's looking for artists!
At The Vanishing Point – Contemporary Art is a new independent
contemporary art space that will showcase a challenging and dynamic program of art
exhibitions. The gallery will be opening in March 2007 on King Street
Newtown. We are calling for proposals from artists, curators and groups
to exhibit during our first two seasons (Autumn and Winter).

The gallery places high importance on contemporary art that encourages
or provides dialogue on contemporary issues whether that be of a personal,
social, ecological, political, cultural, spiritual, psychological or
environmental context.

Our Autumn program will feature exhibitions of two and three-week
durations. The Spring program will also include four-week exhibition options.

For more information and to receive an info pack about exhibition
options at the gallery email; atthevanishingpoint@hotmail.com

or call Brendan on 0430 083 364


lauren said...

not to mention the First Draft opening tonight, which of course i've conmpletely forgotten the name of.. and the opening at MOP tomorrow night - In the Flat Fields by Damian Dillon, Mike Roddy and Philip Wilson, plus Green by Kirsten Farrell...

glad you're havin' a ball in NYC miss mayhem

mayhem said...

sorry it took so long for this comment to be approved! - my version of blogger kept appearing in GERMAN. the only word I know in German is Kunst - I dind't know whether the random word I clicked on uploaded it or not!
thanks for message of support

Artswipe said...

Sarah Goffman never talks shit! But I didn't realise she eats it. Great image Loose ones.