Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bad Wine

As bloody usual there's way too much happening in Sydney. Especially on Wednesday.

On TUESDAY 5th September

Jamaadi has an opening of works on paper at Legge Gallery, 183 Regent Street, Redfern

Now the wine at Legge Openings is so insanely bad - that the only pretext for attending openings is for the ART, and the nice courtyard out the back, and the firendliness of the crowd, and the fact that its only a block away from that really cheap fruit shop on regent street.

Fortunately Jumaadi's art does surpasse even the appalling wine, and can even help the punters wash down a VB. Jumaadi does what look at first glance like quaint symbolist colourist paintings - but - well - you don't even have to scratch the surface - he has bright coloured bits of text on the works - which even if your dylsexia is worse than mine - aesthetically blend in as nice marky bits of colour.

which of course completely misses the point. Jumaadi migrated to bondi from Jakarta - but has lived extensively and done art projects in and with various villages and indigenous commnities right through the archipelago to our north. He's had shows of everyhting form straw men, to pictures, to installations - to all sort of things - and is fascinated by text, the roles of words, the nonsense of words, and the meaning making practices that both creat and disrupt social cultures.

You can check out his older work on the website and see if I'm full of shit

- but I recckon anyone who can link Ned Kelly and Bin Laden together has got to be pretty cool, even if they aren't deep. Adi is deep. Mayhem approves.

show runs to September 23 and Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday
11am - 6pm.


everything is happening and it's all good.

Distressed by the ending of PELT - sound artist Greg shapley has taken matters into his own hands and set up a NEW ARTISTS RUN INITIATIVE IN MARRICKKVILLE.

DON'T LOOK Experimental New Media Gallery joins SYDNEY NON OBJECTIVE (SNO) in making marrickville the home of post picture art experiences.

someone needs to rename the 426 as the fluxus bus or something.
both galleries are on the 426 bus route - btw - so no one has any excuses for not cheking 'em out.

So, DON'T LOOK - the perfect gallery for a radio art show - launches THIS WED at 6pm with the inaugural exhibition "THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE TEE VEE"

Featuring: Pete McCarron, Andrew Newman, Greg Shapley, Kurt Sorensen who declare:

TV takes the best and worst bits of 'life' and distils them into a

nonsensical, overstimulating bombardment; a glutinous feast for the

senses that eventually dulls the senses with indifference. TV forgets

history but dwells on sentiment. The artists in this exhibition use the aesthetic of this medium to question its very substance."

Show runs from September 7-17 (Thur-Sat 11am-5pm)

IT'S AT: 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill (near Marrickville Rd)



T'FOUH... raw responses from arab artists

Is a multimedia exhibition expressing anger & ultimate disgust resistance & steadfastness spitting on wars, occupation & racism.

It opens at

Mori Gallery, 168 Day Street, Sydney
If you miss the opening - then don't miss the FILM FUNDRAISER - Thursday, 14 September, 2006, 6-9pm

T’FOUH alay’houm (trans: “spit on them”) is considered to be a rude thing to say in the Arabic language. Tfouh alay’koum (“spit on you”) is highly personally offensive. These words are said with disgust – and while a few artists have discomfort with such an exhibition title, most feel that the wars on their homelands are disgusting beyond words.

T’FOUH is a multimedia exhibition that brings together 40 Arab artists who are responding to the urgency of ongoing wars and occupation in the Arab World. The exhibition is being staged at Mori Gallery, a city-based art gallery with a long history at the cutting edge of Sydney’s contemporary arts.

T’FOUH has emerged from the cultural and arts development programs of Information and Cultural Exchange and Auburn Community Development Network. Both organisations have ongoing projects with Arab communities and artists in Western Sydney. The exhibition is reflective of the outpouring of creative and expressive responses to recent events in the Middle East – including exhibitions, concerts, screenings around the world.

T’FOUH will fill Mori Gallery with works from Arab artists from Western Sydney as well as from other parts of the city and beyond including the Central Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Canada and even in Korea. The works reflect the spectrum of contemporary artforms including painting, photography, installations, sculpture, DVDs and sound. Some of the exhibiting artists were born in Australia, others have migrated here. Their heritage represents a diversity of Arabic-speaking countries, including Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan.

OPENING - Wednesday, 6 September, 6pm - 8pm
EXHIBITION - 6 - 30 September, 2006
FILM FUNDRAISER - Thursday, 14 September, 2006, 6-9pm

Gallery Opening Hours Wed - Sat, 11am - 6pm or by appointment

More info contact Alissar on 9649 5559 / 0405 206 617nor Mouna on 02 9897 5744 ext 2 or email

If you seriosuly don't give a shit about art and politics and new innovations on struggle street, then go and sink some piss with the lucky evante gardian winners at the 2006 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship

Piss up ad party with the brave new art world uberstars: Zanny Begg, Lauren Brincat, Mitch Cairns, John A Douglas, Chris Fox, Astra Howard, Sari TM Kivinen, Brennan King, Owen Leong, Fiona Lowry, Jess MacNeil, Todd McMillan, Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey, Pep Prodromou, Giles Ryder, Sam Smith, Soda_Jerk, Rolande Souliere, Mimi Tong, Pete Volich and toast the lcuky winner of $40,000 and bitch about them behind their back at artspace at 6pm.

(btw - this is not meant to be a nasturtium casting onto any of the finalists -all interesting and some even worthy candidates for the mega bucks - just a stick poke into the ribs of emerging artDOM)

After drinking more wine than you can handle you can cross the road, scoff a pie and spew the whole lot into the woollomooollo waters....

All week, there's heaps of other great stuff including a Sydney uni version of SQUATSPACE TOUR Of BEAUTY, running on Saturday 9th SEPTEMBER.

there's also some amazing talkfest at ARTSPACE on the same day

Re-Framing Art: The Conditions of Theory

2 - 5pm Saturday 9 September
$8/$5 concession

Speakers include: Nicole Anderson, David Brooks, Gordon Bull, Blair French, Alex Gawronski, Adam Geczy, Elspeth Probyn, Cameron Tonkinwise, Ruth Watson

In 2003 the editorial board of the Chicago-based journal Critical Inquiry in 2003 asked invited participants a series of questions as part of their symposium "Critical Inquiry in the 21st Century". Question 1: It has been suggested that the great era of theory is now behind us and that we have entered a period of timidity, backfilling, and (at best) empirical accumulation. True?

Pronouncements of the irrelevance and consequential demise of critical and cultural theory are now commonplace. Re-Framing Art: The Conditions of Theory brings together a group of artists, writers and theorists to address the question of whether we really are now living 'after theory'? What is it we are talking about when we cite 'theory'? Is it now simply shorthand for irrelevant intellectual pursuit displaced by the hegemony of market and cultural individualism salved by new claims to humanism? How did theory become the pejorative of thought? Why the divides between theory and practice, theory and direct action, theory and life? Can it be true that the new urgencies of the 'age of terror' preclude critical reflection? What are the implications of the shift in modus operandi of art writing in Australia from critical exegesis to PR copy? Or of the emphasis upon 'professional practice' modules rather than critical theory within art colleges?

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