Monday, June 12, 2006

Lucazoid out of the Sham

Mayhem took the monday off to write long and considered manifestos (see entry below) and so Lucazoid stepped in to provide an enticing review of the Biennale and especially the works donw at walsh bay.

Lucazoid also metined the folowing events this week.

MATERIAL COMFORT opens 6-8pm Tuesday 13 June runs till sat the 17th.
at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St. Paddington NSW 2021
the Artist is Sarah Jameison, and she's exploring the concept of comfort. Her work aims to identify and articulate where she finds comfort in the material world; in spaces, objects, textures and organisational structures. Each work can be read as a case study aiming to identify, measure and question the validity of material comfort. In short, Jamieson describes MATERIAL COMFORT as an “exhibition about taking off my tracksuit”.

MORI GALLERY - for one night only on the same night has a screening of films by Anna Belhalfaoui. From the search for weapons of mass destruction, to protests against detention centres in baxter and villawood, to saving the tassie forests, exploring kurnell and fights over photocopiers......

Some of the videos feature the scheming gallic saphhic scrags that wrecked my marriage, and actually the artist is a gallic sapphic scrag that was my marriage, so i'm not sure if I'll be there, but it shouldn't stop the rest of you.

On WEDNESDAY Night Tracey Clement has an opening at Groundfloor gallery in Balmain with - bloody amazing see through fabric bodies if anyone can be bothered getting to Balmain - or you can check out her jagged little schrapnel anti jewellry at Pelt.

Luca didn't mention the following:

Shannon Johnson has great found bits pictorial works at MAD - Make A Difference Gallery on 52 enmore Road, enmore.

Or the Curator led SafARI tour of Artists run initiatives Starting this saturday 18th June at 12pm at Pelt Gallery, 46 Balfour Street Chippo. the low calorie, high intellect mobile art experience known as SNACK ART should be putting in an appearance so I highly reccommend you rock on over.

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