Monday, March 27, 2006

Its all in your head

I was going to sign and distribute a save ABC fuding petition today - but I'm a bit cheesed with Auntie.

Our wonderful smooth talking paneling, newcastle storying wonder boy Rohan - who just took over monday overdrive as a dedicated volunteer at 2SER - has been prevented by his boss at the ABC from continuing to self train and community volunteer on 2SER. (Becaus he also produced a show on ABC Radio) So, auntie, go fuck yourself! and stop the pratty pseudo corporate bully boy tactics. vapid single track yes men - don't make interesting or creative radio staff. People who are prepared do do volunteer work for a community station - are probably -passionate enough about radio to provide SUBSTANTIAL LONG TERM BENEFIT TO THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC. So stick that in your mission statement analysis!


today Luazoid and I continued our segment and brielfy discussed the archiblad.

quick thinking and fleet footed Felipe (filling in for Roahn) went out and did some background research while Lucazoid played Gertude Steins soudnd portrait of Pablo Picasso.

ehre's the AGNES WALES sight for more details.

acutally I mainly went to check out the Wynne and Sulman, see the usual supects and have a few drinks at the opening. I stayed for WAITING FOR GUINESS.

I forgot to talk about the Wynne or the sulman because I'm a blond but my favourite sulman piece was Wang Xu's mock socialist realist painting of Ian Howard and Michale Esson riding a copuple of tnaks across the artworld. It was like Mao meets Juan Davila and a delightful change from his more well known dripy painting sof grafffittied sydney walls.

My favourite wynne? er...... I was glad to see that Aida tomsecu has used comething other than bloody pthlalo blue/green (O sh'es probalby using cobalt - but i was a bit over the glaucish monchromes) - and the Beard meritted the no. 1. There were some scary things that I don't want to talk about - like some werid stuck on pole things with bad acrlic 80's expressionsist spalhes onto a lansdcape - and I think it was meant to be the living emobidment of the 1980's Goanna song "Solid rock". I kept well away. Craig Waddy's piece - whatever it was, was ghastly - like one of those bad anecdotes about 1980's art students saying that Jackson Pollock dind't know how to draw and its not important - well its not -unless you like, err, wanna make pictures - like 2d hand eye things

Tom Carment in a badly framed and badly positioned little portrait - I thinkk had the nicest paiting in the heads prize - though Marcus deserved to win. Woww. birng back 16th Cc weird ecole du nord shit - craps all over Odd Nerdrum. (sorry for obscure reference - do a goodl search)

anyway - I also saw the paraylysis shoow at KUDOS but its over - and had a gereat time at Glenn Murray and Catherine Hearse 3D fest at Legge. Its on until this weekend. Highly recocomended - Murray's big basketty things ancutally need to be seen in situ and walked aournd - Bridget riley in 3D!

Lucas spoke breifly aobut some show that ruark Lewis is curating at Cross arts Project (33 Roslyn street kings Cross).. I'd like to get some writtne PR - before I chat more. cross arts is easy to get too and the opening is saturdya night.

Friday is all go - there are some of my paintings up again at Mori - cos there a big weld fundraiser on Friday night (31st March). and amanda Robins is hapving and openign at tin Sheds - on the same night.

I thingk i'll be in bathurst tho - cos the Warpstanza glalery is closing down.

Catch yas



The Art Life said...

Just for future reference, there is a sure fire way of getting into *any* AGNSW opening without an invitation. Hang back until a few people are out on the balcony drinking, then very casually pick up an empty glass and then wander into the building. The guards don't take a second look at you and even if they do, just say you've already had your ticket/pass/invitation taken off you. Sadly, this doesn't work at the MCA but you can get in via the side stairs to the cafe area...

Anonymous said...

Found your blog. New to art scene in Sydney, so very grateful. It would really help if you could routinely hyperlink for gallery and artist names such as KUDOS so I could follow a link to the web site or source. Thanks again.

David Jobling said...

Good on you Margaret - greetings from David (ex-2SER FM, Jobling) from Adelaide... cheers