Thursday, October 20, 2005

Taste, Distinction, Stuff that's on

I've been reading Bourdieu's Distinctions - whihc should make me a better art reviewer.

In the 1960's more of PB's highbrow art consumers preferred George Brassens to Petula Clark. crikey the world has changed. The main song I know of Brassens are raunchy little numbers like "Suis Pornographe "and the one about the rustic wench who breastfeeds a kitten. Petula Clarke meanwhile got immortalised by the ORB - in a tres tasty soundbite..............

Distinctions makes me think of the Boris Vian song "Je Suis Snob" and I end up lulling myself to sleep.


there'as a lot happening - despite my somnolence.

NAS drawcard opens tonight - I had a sneak prevew on tues and like the small canvases - its a good way to play a match the style wiht the artist.........

I think they may be sponsored by ABOLUT vodka??????

Dougherty have also got a landscape show - with students and staff....... field trips to the desert are totally good thing for artists. Kind of like bootcamp but worthy.

then there was that scary helicopter boyzone desert tirp a few years back...... I eat my words.

On mondya I murmured somehting incoherent about a reguee show this weekend.

heres the info:

3 exhibitions, 2 openings, 1 workshop - 'Room for Refuge' in conjunction with the 'Where to Now Forum'
Refugee Week 2005.

Where to Now Forum
speakers include Phil Glendenning, Phil Griffiths, Cheikh Kone (former Port Hedland detainee, writer) Susan Metcalfe (UNE) and many more,
October 22, 10am – 4pm
UTS Markets Campus (Rooms C129-31: Entrance D, end of Quay St.)
Gold coin donation
more info, phone Mark on 0422 078 376

Room for Refuge exhibitions:

Designing refuge: design protest and the refugee movement and
Out of Place (Works by Louise Cox and My Le Thi)
both open October 22, 5-8pm, with Sierra Leone Cultural Dance Group, Nick's Entertainment and Okapi Guitars
Addison Rd Gallery, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

Designing Refuge - hands on Workshop 29 October, 1 - 4pm
Addison Rd Gallery, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

people, places, situations: response
‘The Hearth’ foyer exhibition space
University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture
148 City Rd, Darlington
Official Opening: Saturday 29 October: 5 - 8pm
Exhibition: 24 October - 5 November
Opening hours – Monday to Saturday 8:30am - 6pm
further information and updates:

Room for Refuge is supported by a wide range of groups including the Refugee Council of Australia, NSW Refugee Action Coalition, Society for Responsible Design, Marrickville Council, Architecture for Humanity (Sydney), SONA.

For further information on the exhibitions, workshop and forum go to



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