Monday, August 29, 2005

Whats not at all cool in Melbourne

I skimmed this one off the artlife blog.

Look, giggle and go back to my posting in defence of the Dilettante.

Diary entries for this week:

Tomorrow: Art in Life - Set in the stunning surrounds of the iconic operahouse forecourt this promises to be the best publicly funded spectacle to hit Sydney since Leo Schofield lit up the whole thing in ROUGE. Go down to Circular Quay to witness the performance by a large group of well trained well coordinated performance artists as they round up and beat the living shit out of public volunteers. Opera House forecourt, 5.30-7.30pm. Matinee performances on at lunchtime wednesday .

If bloodsports ain't your cup of tea - then be aware that YOU are invited to attend the opening of "DISLOCATION" 6-8pm Tuesday 30 August at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St. Paddington.

Afterwards stagger down to the Hollywood Hotel in Commonwealth Street Darling it hurts. Simon Barney's (no relation to Mathew or Matrin Sastre) brief case gallery- still battling on after the bomb prank by Micky & Lucas a couple of years ago - is small art is in a briefcase in the bar so don't spill yer beers.

Wednesday - The Lempriere. I've raved previously. If you can decipher the cryptic information below - this may mean something is on at Firstdraft Gallery the same night.

Opening night drinks: Wednesday August 2005 6-8pm Exhibition open: Wednesday May 18 to Saturday September 17 2005 Firstdraft opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm

the above 2 line riposte followed a looooooooong couple of press releases all jammed together. Is ian millis playing tricks on me again - or do the current FD directors get a year 8 work experience kid in to do their written material?

These guys need SERIOUS REMEDIAL WRITING LESSONS. Sorry to bag youse but youse GET FUNDED. But I know the nature of bureaucrats and productivity so I'll spell it out here for free:
Floorsheets: Have title, artist, medium, dimensions and a number corresponding to a number on the wall or floor or plinth near the work - or on a label in same proximity.
Press releases: Have DATES, (Day, day number, month), times, venue, names of artists gallery address. All other info is optional. The KISS principal works best.

Vignets like "TOUGH NUGGETS is the physical remnants of an excitedly anticipated moment. For all its excess and painful attempts, it shall pass, a joyous flutter through the wet cheeks of history." just look insanely pompous when the basics ain't right.

Next Thursday - Primavera at MCA- sorry but the opening is STRICTLY invite only. And there's less cash up for grabs than the Lempriere. Still, Belinda Jackson's parents have gotta be saluted. And you can do it daytime for free - thanks to Telstra. (glad to know all those expensive landline charges are going somewhere)

No wukkas if you miss the primavera coz you can come over to My Ricky Vee Yeah for a Tres nice space doing tres nice stuff : S.N.O. New Artists Association and Project Space in Marrickville has a show opening on Thursday the 1st ofSeptember at 6pm .

The organisors of the SNO project in Marrickville are proud to announce thearrival of the internationally renowned installation artist and painterTilman, from Brussels, Belgium. Tilmans¹ art will be introduced for thefirst time to the Australian public by showing a site specific workconceived for the SNO showroom.

Tilman will becollaborating on this project with the Australian artist Kyle Jenkins whohas recently appointed head of Painting at USQ, Queensland. These artistsbecame friends through their participation in various group exhibitions heldin Los Angeles (2003), New York (2004), also Paris and Brussels (2005). Theyare aiming to produce a new work made here in Marrickville based on howcolour or light may be uniquely perceived as, ³Ða structural¹ orarchitectural element². As the artist further explains, ³Ðsince my earlyexperiments in photography in the late 1970s, the investigation of theelement of light has been the primary focus of my artistic practice. Theworks may be understood as a carrier, a mediator of light in its physicalquality².All are invited to attend the opening, there will also be informal drinks

Friday - the apparently invite only show for the $25,000 young painters prize is at the Brett Whitely Studio in the unfortunately named Raper street in surry hills. The whitely prize has produced such luminaries as Ben Quilty, Alan Jones (no relation to any shockjocks) as winners with Luke Scibberras and Craig Waddell, regularly featuring as finalists in their youf. Girls do get a look in at the Whitely - and even win regularly - but seem to slip into anonymity afterwards - proving that the art world still has its corners of old school gender divides. You can see the work of one unsung whitely winner on Saturday.........

Saturday - Petrea Fellows at Addison Road Gallery. 5 - 8pm. I forgot to plug this one (WHERE IS MY BRAIN???) . Petrea won the whitely in 2001 - and did a whole series of exsquisite etchings while at the cite. She's brought them here and finally put them on show. Check out for a preview.

Coming up next week.

I will play an interview with Dimitri Vilensky - in an effort to plug the disobedience show - which opens next friday at the Ivan Dougherty gallery at COFA. (i think i made it sound like THIS friday at Dougherty - I'm sorry).

(Dmirty Vilensky is a video and installation artist who is involved in an art/theory/activism collective called What is to be Done?. For moreinformation go to He was involved in the Russian andEuropean Social forum and is coming to Australia to participate in theSydney Social Forum.)

Check out the line up - which should offer a punchy riposte to "situation" (May dear debord turn in his grave) at the MCA............ ( oh god - recuperation. Its a tricky one ain't it?

8 September – 15 October
This is an exhibition of local and overseas artists who have critically
engaged with the process of corporate globalisation and supported the
global justice movement. It will follow the Sydney Social Forum, and will
be accompanied by a discussion/workshop, a film showing, and artists’
talks. Contributors include: Beluchi Weavers, Alexander Brener, Kendell
Geers, Michael Goldberg, Shilpa Gupta, Raquel Ormella, Dean Sewell,
Squatspace, Dmitry Vilensky, Ilaria Vanni, Susann Victor.
Curators: Zanny Begg and David McNeill

Don't forget next Thursday, Friday and Saturday - you can go to Performance Space for the visual spatial aural experience of Banalities for the Perfect house. I'd recommend thursday. It costs $10 but if yer broke and keen we'll do a giveaway on the program next week.


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